Sunday, September 02, 2018

Start them young...

Last week was a special bonding moment with my first born. He was part of the service team for our client in Ortigas. He was one of the buffet attendants/food server and his salary for barely half a day of work is 150 and a jollibee treat. He was very happy receiving his first hard-earned money out of doing a 'job'. He was complaining for a sore arm but anticipating his next schedule already :).

In the photo, he's wearing our 'staff uniform', I choose a size that fits him and asked him to do a few tasks like fixing the spoon & fork in the buffet table so I could take his photo where he's supposed to be 'busy doing something' hehe.  I'm glad that Kuya never complains, I can see that he was having fun doing his 'job'. 

I guess it's paying off now, I've always been vocal to him about working hard and earning your worth in time. That whenever he wants something, especially material things, he needs to work on it and be deserving of it. I may not be a perfect parent but the wisdom of great sacrifice, hard work and gratitude lives in me. I was able to send myself to college by juggling school and work, had my first corporate job even before graduation, completed college and eventually helped provide for the family. For all these things, I'm grateful to the LORD for He strengthens me. He blessed me with a fighting heart that made me not give up amidst the struggles. It was indeed a beautiful journey, a story worth retelling.  And it's a gift I want to pass on to my children too, Im glad it is slowly making sense to Kuya, I'm a proud momshie hehe.