Saturday, August 11, 2018

Do the hustle!

When weekend is supposed to be for fun, chill-out and netflix-ing in bed after a week of being a night owl worker, still, I have to be in an event to personally see everything's well and good. Never mind if I've been a zombie for 24 hours or more as long as I get to see my staff are well and doing good in their jobs, my client's fulfilled, the guests' are happy and 'filled', okay na yun. Even if I got colds and headache dahil naulanan at puyat pero, laban pa din.

So, this is exactly what I felt after seeing the set-up of our event yesterday. Despite the pagod and puyat the past days, it always become an automatic pambawi kapag succesful ang event. Owning a business while being employed is indeed tiring and stressful because you really have to spend time and effort on both and owning a business that is events-related, there's a lot more of stress to expect. 

I've been doing events for the past three years but it's only last year when I decided to go back to work again, primarily because I wanted to earn a little more to support our catering business since my other partners and I decided to go separate paths late last year. I needed to earn extra to buy stuff and equipment that was taken out of the original inventory when we had our 'assets division'. Someday soon, I will be able to concentrate on this business and I won't need to indulge my time doing two things at the same time. 

Yesterday's another kind of 'Do the Hustle' day and while I am helping out the waiters putting chair covers, I imaginatively hears Van McCoy popular disco hit playing in my head, so when I got home I downloaded.  I will soon transfer it to my iPod so it will be my 'pick me up' song whenever I'm feeling exhausted.

Nothing much to say because I'm still taking advantage of time to regain strength and sleep. Certainly, there will be a related/follow-up post about the event's theme and other details, hopefully I'll be able to post this weekend :)  So for my closing words, let me leave here my self-coined #WhenggieSpeaks quotes:

"It's when you hustle and put love in it that makes the difficult stuff bearable"

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