Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Making a Decision to a Lifetime Covenant

Early this year, DH and I decided to attend a Wedding Preparation Seminar held at Victory Christian church. I was a little surprised when he agreed to my suggestion of attending the seminar.  I thought it wasn't easy to indulge him but I was wrong, he was more than willing. 

The seminar was a three hour session for three Saturdays and it was a little bit hard on my part to commit to it because I'm coming from a night shift work on Fridays. Contrary to my ‘future husband’ who was always early and ready and that is despite he comes from a night time work too sometimes. I guess that is one aspect I cannot win over him, committing to something and really devoting time and so much effort to it.  There are times he would keep bugging me to finish my work immediately because he doesn’t want us to be late even if the church is just a three minute walk from our house, that’s how serious he was.  For the longest time, I never thought that we will come to this point where we would actually be preparing now for the one BIG day we’ve been anticipating for all these years and he’s more excited than I am. This is indeed an early provision this year and I’m so grateful the LORD has made it possible very soon.

The seminar was attended not just by couple planning to get married but also of some married couples who also want to restore not just the romance in their relationship with their spouses but also to look back to the promises they’ve made for one another in their own wedding days. I like what the Pastor said in the beginning of the session, it’s the ultimate throwback of love and devotion and they got to share it with couples like us who are on the road to their own journey as married couples. I felt really inspired during the first day until the last day of the seminar and made me realize quite a few things about my relationship with my partner for the whole ten years that we live together:

  • That each and every relationship is not easy, most of us couples, had our share of challenges and difficulties. Somehow, our common denominator with other couples is the grace of the LORD that we win in our battles.
  • Being married to your spouse is not a guarantee that you’ll be together forever, you have to live together, with GOD in the center, for it to work to forever.
  • When I reflected on the past storms in our relationship, I no longer feel the pain nor the irritation because I remember I prayed so hard about it to GOD and He did answer – he took away all the pain and allowed me to heal.  That was also when I found myself going back to church and started seeking Him and praying for our relationship and family.
  • Love, Respect, Faith and Patience – the ultimate character that must be present all the time. I realize that it just won’t work 100% if one is not present. GOD also teaches us to be loving, respectful, patient and faithful.
  • I realize that whenever there are conflicts before, it tends to last longer than usual because we allow our pride to come before understanding. That we choose to despise humility and make the other person feel the burden of being at fault. Eventually, as we allowed GOD to be in control, the grace of understanding, patience and forgiveness became more present and available.              
During the Q&A, I became a little emotional when the Pastor asked us why I want to marry my partner.  Despite being together for more than 10 years, seeing the worst in each other, I may have a good reason not to get married so we can also spare ourselves from spending so much on the wedding. But when I sincerely thought of my answer, I realized that I have always wanted to be married to Him. While it is a fact that there are times I’m losing confidence in us, I also think of the beautiful memories from the day we became a couple and I chose to magnify on the great days than the lowest points of our relationship. I realized that it is him that I want to be with in my past, my present and in my future. I chose him and GOD must have a very good reason because I’m still choosing him today and forever.

This is it. The beginning of another beautiful milestone, stay tuned because this blog will definitely be a documentation of more exciting happenings to come J.

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