Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Making a Decision to a Lifetime Covenant

Early this year, DH and I decided to attend a Wedding Preparation Seminar held at Victory Christian church. I was a little surprised when he agreed to my suggestion of attending the seminar.  I thought it wasn't easy to indulge him but I was wrong, he was more than willing. 

The seminar was a three hour session for three Saturdays and it was a little bit hard on my part to commit to it because I'm coming from a night shift work on Fridays. Contrary to my ‘future husband’ who was always early and ready and that is despite he comes from a night time work too sometimes. I guess that is one aspect I cannot win over him, committing to something and really devoting time and so much effort to it.  There are times he would keep bugging me to finish my work immediately because he doesn’t want us to be late even if the church is just a three minute walk from our house, that’s how serious he was.  For the longest time, I never thought that we will come to this point where we would actually be preparing now for the one BIG day we’ve been anticipating for all these years and he’s more excited than I am. This is indeed an early provision this year and I’m so grateful the LORD has made it possible very soon.