Sunday, November 26, 2017

Recap of A Great Week with Under Armour PH - Assemble Your Armour Event

It was a Saturday and I thought it would be a great time to wander at a mall, window shop and dine to treat myself after a tiring week. Good thing because a dear friend called me and asked if I’m not busy and asked me to go with her to attend a fitness-related event. Out of plan, I said YES because first, I would love to catch up with her and secondly, a fitness event sounds interesting, hmmm.

So off I went to Chi Spa at Edsa Shangrila hotel and later found out that it was an exclusive event of a famous sports and fitness apparel brand, Under Armour. I got really excited seeing the yoga mats laid down on the floor plus seeing one of my celebrity girl crushes, Gretchen Ho having a chat with other people in the room is a real treat. I think it was quite bad that I wore dress for the event because I won’t be able to join the fitness activities prepared by Under Armour, tsk tsk. So when the activities started, I just stayed on the side and took photos and videos to put in this blog and partly cheering my friend Nikole as she do the exercises.

The first part is the Yoga and it was lead by Kali Huff, one of Under Armour Philippines ambassadress.

The next part was the ‘Self-Defense techniques’ session shared by co-Under Armour ambassadress, Meggie Ochoa, who is a gold medalist in martial arts and sports. I personally like this session even if I’m not doing any part and merely listening to Meggie because she’s really passionate about Jiu- Jitsu and she wants us to really pick important tips to defend one’s self by knowing even the basics. However, she also stresses, that when one is posed to danger or a situation between life and death, it is still better to choose to run away from it if there’s still a chance and do not engage to fight. I like that she pointed the importance of safety and life more than anything else.

The third part of the fitness activity was lead by Gretchen Ho where she shared her work-out routines.  Gretchen believes that a workout is not necessarily have to be hard core but rather smart and more practical to do to achieve your fitness goals. She personally set-up 10 stations with different equipment for use and different exercises to perform by each participant. It was like a quick and short 5 minutes of multi-combination of workouts and it was fun to watch for me but I'm sure my colleagues in the room were really challenged physically.  

Again it was a missed opportunity to sweat and I wish I was able to exercise alongside my favorite girl but I'm sure there will be more fitness activities like this. In fact Under Armour Philippines is set on their next fitness retreat in partnership w the Aegle Wellness Center and Sanctband on January 27,2018 at the Balesin Island, Quezon.  Still, it was a worthy Saturday spent with my dear friend and other women who believes in empowering their selves by engaging into healthy, fun and fit activities.

I so love this event sponsor - their essential oils are really calming to the senses. Two thumbs up for this new discovery of mine and really recommended for natural and organic product freaks out there, lucky that we've got these good stuff locally.

Always an awesome time with my sissy, Nikole - thanks for tagging me to this event! :)

Thank you Under Armour Philippines, more power to your brand and advocacy!

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