Monday, September 18, 2017


Since March, the kids and I have been looking forward to the first week of September for our Boracay trip. Too say that the kids are super excited is an understatement - they've been counting the days and months prior to this much awaited #LaBoracayWithFambam.

I crammed the night before our flight because of a busy week doing things for an upcoming catering event. I slept late and woke up super early to cook breakfast and do more stuff, making sure we have enough stuff to bring for our four days’ vacation away from home. Personally, I'm excited to experience Boracay again for the third time but I'm more excited for my youngest son to experience a plane ride and 'Boracay' itself for the first time. This is also the first time we are travelling in quite a big group, our family of five plus eleven more from my in-laws. Mostly are first timers in Boracay so I'm stepping up to fix our schedules and itineraries when we get there.

At the Airport, we were three hours earlier, talking about too much excitement haha. The kids couldn't contain their excitement they've been running back and forth which causes them to feel hungry from time to time also, ugh!

Some photos in the airport of my super "kulit" 3-year old, Aidan:


Too much excitement

A mandatory group photo with Philippine Airline plane as our backdrop

Inside the plane :)

Another mandatory shot arriving at Kalibo Airport

Time check: 5:45pm.  We're able to negotiate a van rate on a good price; I'm glad that it went smoothly despite 2-3 van operators haggling with us. It was a one and a half hour ride but it felt longer because we all feel tired and hungry. So when we arrived at Caticlan port, we immediately grab dinner at the closest fast food which is Andoks. After a quick dinner, it's time to cross from Caticlan to Cagban port. The sea was not calm at all; the 10 minute boat ride was the worst I ever experienced which apparently the same with my colleagues, we all sigh in chorus when we finally reached our destination. The kids thought, we're almost there but unfortunately, Fairways and Blue Water is still a 20-25 minutes land travel from Cagban port. Raindrops already touching our faces since the multicab has open sides, good thing we reached our condotel just in time before the heavy rains pour out.

It was already past nine in the evening when we get there. For any conciliation, booking was a breeze, partly because we are the only ones checking in at late night.

The reception area - it was dimly lighted but feels cozy, I threw my tired body in the comfy couch and closed my eyes and the moment I opened it, I found 'Ate' standing in front of me and handing me a drink. This has got to be the next best thing after quite a long and tiring travel to Boracay, a warm welcome and a cold drink. And uhmm, I felt extra special because I think I was the only one who got a papaya drink while the others got orange juices, my drink tastes great!

After a few minutes, we were handed our room keys and was instructed to ride the shuttle with some staff assisting us with our luggage. Oh boy, the kids thought our rooms are right within the same building to where the reception area is but no, it’s still a 2-5 minutes shuttle ride J

Our rooms are situated at the 2nd floor of Villa 12 or Dama De Noche Building. Because it was late already, going through the dark streets with only a little amount of light and mostly trees we're seeing, it feels a bit  creepy. An when we got to our building, the kids are joking around about zombies and more creepy thoughts which really made me felt uncomfortable on our first night in Fairways and Bluewater.

However, getting inside our room and seeing the beds, I shake off those thoughts playing in my head, my kids and I raced to the bed and threw our tired bodies and felt the fresh mattress and the comfy pillows we have been imagining few hours ago. I remembered I need to take photos of the room in their ‘fresh state’, so I hurriedly asked the kids to move out before the mattress gets ruined and took photos quickly. After a few minutes of taking photos and unpacking our stuff, made a quick shower and without so much conversation with my roomies, it was expected that immediately after our back touches the bed, we kissed our first night in Boracay goodbye.

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