Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hygiene Essential: PH Care Feminine Wipes

Whenever someone would raid my bag, a sight of a pack of feminine wipes will not be missed.  Just like my other essentials, it has become a regular thing inside my bag. I use it for almost everything, but most of all I use it to take care of my self ‘down there’ hygienically.   

It’s impossible not to carry one whenever I go out and have to use the public toilets.  As much as I don’t feel comfortable using a public toilet, I can’t avoid it that’s why I make sure that I’m armed with a clinically proven wet tissue to use in wiping the toilet seat first before peeing and another piece to cleanse ‘the part’ after.  

It’s also great that I got used with it – bringing/keeping wet wipes inside my bag – because most of the time when my kid and I are out, he often gets himself dirty while eating or playing.  The wipes always come handy to clean him immediately :).

My preferred brand of feminine wash is pH Care because it’s ph-balanced and mildly scented. It also has a cooling effect that really freshens during that 'time of month'. I also don’t experience any skin irritation using it since pH Care is hypo-allergenic. Plus the packaging is very conveniently sized to fit my bag even in a pouch.

pH Care Feminine Wipes Cool Wind and other variants is a product of Unilab available in drug stores and supermarkets nationwide.  To more about their products, visit their website at

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