Saturday, August 03, 2013

Achieving Milestones with Alaska NutriBuild 345

As a mom to a now 5-year old toddler, one of the biggest challenges is to ensure that he's getting the right amount of nutrients for his age and he'll enjoy the food I offer him without questions.  To my dismay, he's a very picky eater. If for any consolation, he is 'magana' when he eats but there are just specific foods that he wants to eat and some are not sufficient enough to provide him the nutrition he needs.

This dilemma has taken its toll on me once again when I had the chance to attend an advocacy project sponsored by Alaska NutriBuild 345 in a preschool in Tondo, Manila.  The GilDel Development Center preschool invited their students' parents to attend a quick activity that will help them guide their kids in achieving their milestones.  I can so relate so I made sure I’m taking a nice seat in a corner when a nutritionist gathered the parents for a quick orientation. Because the preschool years (ages 3,4,5) are critical years in a child's development, the nutritionist provided the parents the basic information that they can refer to, to make sure that their kids are growing up healthy and happy in all aspects.

One of the emphases of the activity is to remind the parents and guardians about the right amount of nutrition and the home practices that are applicable to kids 3 to 5 years old. The nutritionist stresses the importance of not just providing the basic needs for our children but also making sure that our growing kids are indeed in the pink of health because a healthy kid can always perform his best in completing each milestones of his life. A daily supplement of milk is also recommended especially the ages of 3,4 and 5 are the years when our kids are starting to go to school to learn, giving them milk enriched with brain and body-building nutrients is a must.  Alaska is proud to share that the right milk for this requirement is in their newest Alaska NutriBuild 345 with a very affordable price.

After the quick 'parents orientation', I moved to the next 'quadrant' to join a batch of students listening to an interactive story-telling activity. The first story-teller introduced the characters of Miles and Tony, who happened to be siblings with different habits and condition.  The kids have to help the sibling who is unhealthy, with poor grooming and quite behind in his school. The kids had so much fun helping ‘Tony’ to be transformed to a healthy and happy kid likes his sibling, Miles. I also have to admit that I myself enjoyed the activities with the students' interaction because I realized that the students of Gildel Devt. Center are just like Miles who are also happy and healthy kids.

Alaska also gave away some milk products to the parents after the activity.  Free milk is also served for everyone, the milk tastes like vanilla and the kids love it.

Capping off the activity is a photo-op with my co-bloggers and the school's principal and students of Gildel Development Center.

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