Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hygiene Essential: PH Care Feminine Wipes

Whenever someone would raid my bag, a sight of a pack of feminine wipes will not be missed.  Just like my other essentials, it has become a regular thing inside my bag. I use it for almost everything, but most of all I use it to take care of my self ‘down there’ hygienically.   

It’s impossible not to carry one whenever I go out and have to use the public toilets.  As much as I don’t feel comfortable using a public toilet, I can’t avoid it that’s why I make sure that I’m armed with a clinically proven wet tissue to use in wiping the toilet seat first before peeing and another piece to cleanse ‘the part’ after.  

It’s also great that I got used with it – bringing/keeping wet wipes inside my bag – because most of the time when my kid and I are out, he often gets himself dirty while eating or playing.  The wipes always come handy to clean him immediately :).

My preferred brand of feminine wash is pH Care because it’s ph-balanced and mildly scented. It also has a cooling effect that really freshens during that 'time of month'. I also don’t experience any skin irritation using it since pH Care is hypo-allergenic. Plus the packaging is very conveniently sized to fit my bag even in a pouch.

pH Care Feminine Wipes Cool Wind and other variants is a product of Unilab available in drug stores and supermarkets nationwide.  To more about their products, visit their website at

Monday, August 05, 2013

Non-stop Events and Fun Parties at Resorts World Manila''s Thrillathon

Last Friday, August 2, the three-and-a-half month long of exciting events and shows in Resorts World Manila kicked-off via their press launch held at Passion, Maxims Hotel. It was a privilege to be invited as part of the media guests and I’m glad I came because I wouldn’t have witness an amazing preview of performances in store for Resorts World Manila’s Thrillathon.

Some of the highlights from the press launch were performances from Mitoy Yonting, finalist of the ‘The Voice Philippines’ and the impromptu concert-like performance of Mr. Arthur Manuntag, Mitoy and Nyoy Volante.  What I like about this Thrillathon, there will be more of these world-class performances from our local artists that will be entertaining the patrons and guests of RWM all for free! Now isn’t that amazing? Resorts World Manila is making the Filipino artists shine brighter and be recognized again especially the OPM icons.

Calling all visual artists as Resorts World Manila is also bringing back its Pinoy Ultimate Jeepney Design Challenge. Up for grab is a P100, 000.00 grand prize for the most creative entry.  This contest is part of RWM’s corporate social responsibility in cooperation with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and the Department of Tourism (DOT).  For more information on Pinoy Ultimate Jeepney Design Challenge, visit RWM’s website.

Expect more thrills at Resorts World Manila, checkout the line up of events happening this month of August until October, 2013.

Passion, 2F Maxims Hotel

AUGUST 2 – NOVEMBER 15 • 12MN – 5PM 
The Longest Movie Blowout for Members!
Newport Cinema 2, 3 & 4, 4F Newport Mall

AUGUST 9 - 31 • 12NN – 12MN
Take electrifying shots with our Van De Graff Machine starting from August 10!
The Plaza, 2F Newport Mall

Enjoy thrilling moments with famous guest celebrities, hot acts and hit bands!
The Plaza, 2F Newport Mall

Jaya and Janno Gibbs: AUGUST 2
Raymond Lauchengco, Gino Padilla & Randy Santiago: AUGUST 9
Jay Durias & Angeline Quinto: AUGUST 10
Erik Santos & True Faith: AUGUST 16
Nyoy Volante & Renz Verano: AUGUST 17
Wally & Jose: AUGUST 23
The Company & Mark Mabasa: AUGUST 24
Markki Stroem and Princess Velasco: AUGUST 30
OPM HITMEN: Richard Reynoso, Rannie Raymundo, Chad Borja & Renz Verano: AUGUST 31

Take a hit at your favorite stars and win awesome prizes!
Guest celebrities every Saturdays only, featuring:
Jacq Yu and Ava with PBA stars Willie Miller, Ryan Arana, Simon Atkins and Rey Guevarra
The Plaza, 2F Newport Mall

SEPTEMBER 2 -15 • 12NN – 11PM
Enjoy great discounts on your favorite chocolate brands!
The Plaza, 2F Newport Mall

OCTOBER 20 – 31, 2013 • 1 – 6PM
Experience enlightenment for Free!
The Plaza, 2F Newport Mall

OCTOBER 27 • 1PM – 6PM
Treat your kids to a thrilling Halloween experience!
The Plaza, 2F Newport Mall

OCTOBER 31 • 7 -10PM
RWM is located in Pasay City, just across the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Achieving Milestones with Alaska NutriBuild 345

As a mom to a now 5-year old toddler, one of the biggest challenges is to ensure that he's getting the right amount of nutrients for his age and he'll enjoy the food I offer him without questions.  To my dismay, he's a very picky eater. If for any consolation, he is 'magana' when he eats but there are just specific foods that he wants to eat and some are not sufficient enough to provide him the nutrition he needs.

This dilemma has taken its toll on me once again when I had the chance to attend an advocacy project sponsored by Alaska NutriBuild 345 in a preschool in Tondo, Manila.  The GilDel Development Center preschool invited their students' parents to attend a quick activity that will help them guide their kids in achieving their milestones.  I can so relate so I made sure I’m taking a nice seat in a corner when a nutritionist gathered the parents for a quick orientation. Because the preschool years (ages 3,4,5) are critical years in a child's development, the nutritionist provided the parents the basic information that they can refer to, to make sure that their kids are growing up healthy and happy in all aspects.