Monday, June 17, 2013

Philippine Stagers Foundation commemorates 150th year of Andres Bonifacio in a special musical

After attending Philippines Stagers Foundation’s kick-off party last June 7, I am really excited to attend the press preview of PSF’s offering for this season.  Entitled “Bonifacio: Isang Sarsuwela", is a musical that is set to stage on July 19 at the Tanghalang Pasigueno in Pasig City. 

Bonifacio: Isang Sarsuwela” is indeed a fierce production that will present the life of Andres Bonifacio and the many ‘truths’ that I myself will have yet to discover. The artistic director and award-winning stage actor, Atty. Vince Tañada is spearheading once again a team of creative minds and multi-talented individuals in this production after a series of successful shows for 2012’s “Joe: The Filipino Rock'sical”. Director Tañada shares that he had extensive study and consultation to various history books and institutions prior to coming up with this production.

With so much anticipation, I am assuming that this musical will not only be narrating the life of Andres Bonifacio but will also take me to the oldest times – the scene of the Katipunan’s blood compact that will unfold right to my eyes while a chorus of a heartfelt song is playing in the background.  I wonder how this one would affect me as to how the “Cory Ng Edsa” affected me before, the latter had so much impact that my interest and appreciation of theater plays grows.  I am sure there is so much more about Bonifacio’s passions in life and his brave sufferings that will be told in this play, some answers, revelations, surprises and many else that I have not read in books.  I am finding them out.

Director Vince Tañada is very straightforward in saying that this production will enlighten the theater goers about the life of a great Filipino, who is a hero that is quite ignored.  This made me asked if he’s prepared for negative feedbacks especially from the camp of Emilio Aguinaldo, which just last year, had a film debut in the 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival. Director Vince said that he’s very open to criticisms and anticipates them ahead of time. He also shared that he offered to stage ”Bonifacio..” in Cavite however, he was given cold response.  Nevertheless, the main man of PSF vows that as long as there’s a single student who would want to watch their ‘show’, they will continue to perform.

Expect a more poignant with a more dramatic sense on the narrative of the life of the man who started it all, the Father of the Philippine Revolution, Andres Bonifacio in this much-awaited musical, “Bonifacio: Isang Sarsuwela”.

For show schedule and ticket inquiry, visit or PSF's Facebook Page.


Krew Topacio said...

I watched this last July 19. Pasig catholic college watched this and it was awesome!!! Love it guys!

Rowena Iguis said...

I knew it will be such a big hit, thanks for dropping by and sharing your feedback :)

Rowena Iguis said...

I knew it will be such a big hit, thanks for dropping by and sharing your feedback :)