Friday, April 19, 2013

Julie Anne San Jose celebrates her journey with a major concert

She’s young, she’s fresh and she has an amazing set of talents that wows me every time I watch her on TV and even on YouTube.  These and more makes Julie Anne San Jose truly a worthy diva to watch for in this generation.

Julie Anne is indeed shining her best, backed up by a huge and passionate followers that grow on a daily basis, it’s very easy to be mesmerized by her refreshing aura, a charm that is very contagious. She has definitely come a long way, far from a struggling 11-year old kid who fought for her passion against her father’s disapproval of the showbiz path she’s taking. And because the kid is beyond driven, she has finally proved her worth, not just to her family but to all the fans who believed in her. 

And now, Julie Anne is ready to shine even more as she caps her journey from her Sugar Pop days to celebrating a triple platinum debut album in a major concert.  The “Julie Anne: It’s My Time” concert is set to stage in Music Museum on May 11, 2013.   

When I heard that Director Rico Guttierez will be the concert’s director, the fierce and bolder Julie Anne San Jose flashed my views. I’m sure there will be lots of surprises and I can’t wait for Julie’s jaw-dropping production numbers since DRG is known for directing great concerts and shows for other artists in the past.  The concert is also in time for the celebration of the young diva’s 19th birthday who was born on May 17, 1994. 

Catch Julie Anne San Jose on her first major concert this year with her special guests Abra and Elmo Magalona. Tickets are available at the Music Museum, too bad because I heard that the tickets are almost sold out, I hope I can still get one for a good seat :)Let's give it  to this pretty young lady and let's rock Music Museum!  Hopefully with God's willing, the next venue will be the big dome or the moa arena, she deserves it and it's definitely her time to shine! :)

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