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Threading = Beauty & Pain

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For the first time I decided to try threading to fix my growing browse and I was ecstatic about the result of this 15-minute-un-planned-pampering at Elite Nails spa.  In fairness, it really adds confidence to have a well-defined "arches", just saying :).

Threading is one of the services offered in Elite Nails spa and I was surprised that their price of brow threading is inexpensive, I should have tried it a long time ago. I know that in some spas, it will cost me double of what I paid in Elite nails, I’m just happy that I dared to try it and for sure will come back when I need to have it again. Checking on their site, I learned that “Threading is by far the gentlest option for hair removal on the face’s delicate skin particularly the browse, which is most-availed by women and is 100% natural and with the use of a thread, it is much less painful because it only targets the individual hairs thus, skin irritation is kept to a minimum”.

Anyway, threading didn't spare me the pain just like when I first tried to have my legs' hair waxed a few years ago but the process of threading is way less painful than waxing for the first time.  I like my therapist, Ava, who was very honest when I asked if it's going to be painful, she nodded to confirm although she reassures me that the pain is bearable.  True enough, the thread pulling my browse made my eyes sweat but it just made me realize that the fifteen minutes of pain is worth it.  Looking at the photos of a newly-threaded browse and the untouched yet, I immediately asked my therapist to get the next one done. Ava applied a gel-like ointment (I forgot the exact ‘name’) when she’s done and she told me that that was for the redness that might occur. It is best also not to wash your face within the next two hours just to let the redness and some swelling subsides. I love how efficient Ava is, she made it quick but gave me a pleasant result. I love how my browse is clean-looking now and love this new discovery to trim them in a more inexpensive way.

Again, thanks to Elite Nails spa for being my pampering partner for years now, I'm soon to post my Ultimate Mint Foot Spa experience which I also had on the same day I had my browse threaded :).

If you want to try Elite Nails' services, you can contact them thru 09336537276, 09215918801, 09178086950 or at (02) 480-6832, or go to their Facebook page and/or follow them on Twitter for more details.

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