Sunday, December 02, 2012

Sunday School for Toddlers

Almost five months of consistent Sunday schooling and Robin has gotten used with his schedule every Sunday already, with or without a buddy. He has become independent and now interacts more with other kids in church, and it just makes me so proud of him for gone were the worries I have every time he's with other kids. I don't get complains anymore that he just hit another kid or made somebody cried, whew!

He now participates with the singing and dancing part just like the other kids . I can also leave him alone while I go to the other room to attend the church' service. Whenever I register his name, he don't wait for me anymore and continue walking ahead to get inside and join the other kids. Gone are the days of giving me those dont-leave-and-wait-for-me-there look, such a cute young man!

I guess, whether his school requires to have a Sunday school or not, I would still continue to encourage him to attend. I'm all support as I want him to pursue and nourish his faith and relationship with our Creator.  I see a lot of improvements on him and I like to give credit to the patient Sunday school teachers at Victory Christian Fellowship Churc- Pasig for taking part as we, parents, desire to mold our kids to be good Christians as they grow up.

Hopefully, Robin and I can encourage more kids especially his friends in our neighborhood for I believe that it's important that he and his friends grow together in faith, a plight we'll take in the days to come.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone :).

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papaleng said...

Napakaganda po na sa batabg edad ay mamulat ang ating mga anak sa Sunday School class. Ako po ay isang Sunday school teacher din.