Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Have a dose of sosyness and good laugh with Sosy Problems

Sosy Problems is GMA Films' entry to the 2012 MMFF which stars four of the 'It' girls from the kapuso camp - Heart Evangelista, Solenn Heusaff, Bianca King and Rhian Ramos. The film is entertaining for me; I laughed my heart out to most of the scenes (where some may smirks because it may appear quite shallow for them). I must say the girls got me with their 'kaartehan' ensembled with the 'kasosyalan’ but still with a heart. The film is not done to actually accentuate the ‘sosy life’ of the lead characters but more so, to take a peak in their lives as they too got their own problems.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Fun Holiday Shopping Spree by Samsung Philippines

Members of the press and some bloggers including yours truly were able to witness a fun shopping spree event. A few days ago before Christmas, Samsung treated their wiinners of "Have a Smartlife Holiday Shopping Spree" promo a 20k-worth of grocery items at Rustan's supermarket in Mandaluyong.

As a fun and exciting holiday challenge, winners are tasked to put their shopping skills to the test by gathering as many items as they can under time pressure. And because four shoppers are better than one, the winners get the chance to invite three of their family members or friends to assist them with the challenge. Once their time is up, the winners get to keep all the products they managed to gather under the P 20, 000 prize budget.

My favorite group among the winners is the Cabonce family. As we watched them shop in haste, I could feel their determination to maximized the amount and the time limit they have to bring home worthy products from the spree. Plus they are the only team who have three girl members, which only proves that girls can beat the stronger men when it comes to grocery shopping chore.  Every member of the family is focused and they know which products they will be getting from the shelves and which sections they will go, they've strategist well enough before their turn. Looking at the 2 full push carts as they were heading home, I could say they got the most! Good job Cabonce family!

Friday, December 14, 2012

David Pomeranz is back in Manila for a magical Christmas

The award-winning recording artist and song writer is back in the Philippines for a series of shows in different parts of the country.

Who would ever forget David Pomeranz? His songs have captured the hearts of every Filipino and for a lot of times have moved me to tears every time I hear "On This Day", and "Born For You" playing in the airwaves. Most of his songs have been chosen by many couples’ theme song and the greatest hit "King and Queen of Hearts" have been the official prom and ball song over the years.

Catch David  Pomeranz as he shares love and music once again, see the Philippines schedule from the poster below.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Paskotitap 2012 - The Christmas Float Parade in Pasig City

Paskotitap is one of the most awaited events in the city of Pasig as part of its annual Christmas traditions . Paskotitap features the colorful giant floats shimmering in lights and accompanied with sounds of favorite Christmas tunes. The main attraction of Paskotitap that really give cheers to children and even the young at hearts are the animated display characters riding the giant floats. One can't help taking photos of amazing creativity of the Pasiguenos and sponsored business corporations.

This year's theme follows the most-love children movies of all time including Monsters, Inc., Alice in Wonderland, Star Wars, Cars and Avatar.

The local government of Pasig City holds this annual event as it symbolizes a more stronger understanding about the real essence of Christmas - to love, to share and to help one another.

Here are the photos:

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Paskotitap 2011

Every year, the kids in the family always look forward to this annual event of Christmas lights and float parade in Pasig City also known as "Paskotitap". This year will be the fifth year this Christmas tradition will be staged and every Pasigueno is outside their homes and gathered in the streets and waiting for the parade.

Last year's theme was about the famous Disney character and heroes. Because so many people are in the street, it was hard for me to capture photos as the parade is on going. But we had the chance to see upclose and appreciate the extravagant floats when they were placed in Pasig city Plaza for the publc to see.

Some of the photos from 2011's Paskotitap n parade:

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Sunday School for Toddlers

Almost five months of consistent Sunday schooling and Robin has gotten used with his schedule every Sunday already, with or without a buddy. He has become independent and now interacts more with other kids in church, and it just makes me so proud of him for gone were the worries I have every time he's with other kids. I don't get complains anymore that he just hit another kid or made somebody cried, whew!

He now participates with the singing and dancing part just like the other kids . I can also leave him alone while I go to the other room to attend the church' service. Whenever I register his name, he don't wait for me anymore and continue walking ahead to get inside and join the other kids. Gone are the days of giving me those dont-leave-and-wait-for-me-there look, such a cute young man!