Monday, November 12, 2012

Wellmanson: The ideal place for accessories spree!

At a recent trip to Quiapo, Manila, it’s impossible for me to miss a quick trip to Wellmanson, the air-conditioned shop along Villalobos street, adjacent Quiapo church, where you can find the nicest and affordable accessories, beading supplies and what-have-yous. There are actually 2 stores I visited where some of the items are quite cheaper than Wellmanson but their stocks are not as organized and the staffs are quite unfriendly. The stores are also not air-conditioned so if you’re after a convenient shopping experience, go to Wellmanson.

Some of the cute stuff I bought:

At this age, I'm still a die hard fan of kikay accessories. I must admit that I have a fancy for bangles, beads, dangling, some neons and everything nice that unleashes a woman’s sense of style. I guess there were more than times that I went on buying accessories than wardrobes and shoes. But even if this splurging is way cheaper, I've also proven that it’s also impractical to buy a lot of them because I don't get to use them due to limited wardrobes that I have and some accessories won’t be a good match with my regular clothes.

Thrift shopping has enabled me to explore different outfits and to experiment with the bunch of accessories I have. I just can't afford to go broke buying clothes and shoes, they aren't really my interest that's why ukays are indeed heaven-sent :).

But really, an accessory can improve our everyday look; it's just have to be the right pieces right for what you wear. So if you're like me who have a soft heart for blings and trinkets, be happy. As long as it’s not yet an OA addiction, go, collect and experiment! :)

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