Friday, November 30, 2012

Chistmas & December: The Buy & Sell Season :)

Since I officially became unemployed this, I can't feel the usual excitement of every employee feels every time the month of December is approaching.  This is indeed the season to be jolly as everyone seems to look forward to 13th month pay and bonuses but boo to me because for the first time in 10 years, I can't have any of them hehe.

But not that sad because this state is a choice and there are actually better things to replace the monetary delight (honest to goodness hehe). One is being a full-time mom and coach to my son who went to school for the first time plus having to serve my dearest husband and learning a few dish on my own while my boys are out. 2012 is yet another year of my gratefullness - for the opportunity to better my relationship with the people who truly matters in my life. :)

Enough of the melow drama, let's talk about business now :).  Anyways, a few weeks ago I posted in my facebook account some photos of nice shirts (really nice shirts hehe) for sale and was glad with the sales of this little 'sideline' because it gave me the chance to feel like I will be receiving extra amount too this Christmas, just like having a 'christmas bonus' although not that big :).

The replica shirts I sell from the very first batch, I'm soon to get stocks for the 4th batch, yay!

Aside from the RTW stuff, my sis and I are also selling Sky Lanterns and they're selling like pan cakes hehe. For this merchandise, we have set a minimum pieces per order and we still have the best price compared to those being sold in Group buying sites :).

This is how the lantern looks when lit :)

Photo from last year, New Year's eve celebration

To those interested to buy these stuff, leave a comment or email/tweet/PM me for faster transaction, see my contact details below :)

twitter/facebook: WengIguis

Have a merry Christmas everyone! :)

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