Friday, November 30, 2012

Can you pull-off a cheap Holloween Costume Party?

On my birthday, after a simple dinner prepared at home, Robin and I went to my parent’s house to attend a little 'costume party'organized by my lil sis. It was same as last year's random Nov 1 party which my nieces and two of their neighbor friends participated. In exchange for the kids' efforts of dressing up are some candies and goodies my lil’ sis gave away. 

Then next is a whole night of scary-fun party and of course lots of picture, picture. :)

Ghie-Anne :)

"Kawawa" ang peg. So cute Donita :)

 In fairness, effect ang white car ;)

Ahmm...Ericka, I'm trying to figure out your peg hehe

 Walang sinabi si Micay haha

Wigs! Blonde lady is my lil sis (promotor) :)

And here's my uber cute Robin a.k.a  Mr.Skeletal-Mr.-Clown-Sorbetero :)

Lollipon treats :)


Love you baby! Projek kung projek!

Trying to scare? You're too cute I want to squeeze and kiss you :)

My nieces' friend. Winner din sa aura! :)

This one is really scarrrryyy :)

White lady :)

Two ladies :)

This one is also (really) scary...

Winner ang candle effect :)

Napagod ang mga bagets, dinner na :)

Indeed, a successful trick n' treat party can be done at your own home. The costumes don’t really have to be super expensive and brand new. With a touch of creativity, you can turn your old clothes to a halloween-ready costume, scary and effortless!

Plus, I'd like to commend my beloved nieces who really took effort to pull off their scariest looks, winner! Next year, I'll make sure you will have a prize na :). 

This is indeed a late post, still, I want to thank my little sister Jenny of The Web Wanderer blog for putting up this tradition every year as I celebrate my birthday. I've always wanted to host a costume party but woes and hesitations will get in the way. I never thought it could ever happen until last year.  For 2013, I'll take this tradition to the next level, kakaririn ko din ang costume ko, 'Walking Dead' ang peg hehehe.

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