Friday, November 16, 2012

A new family :)

Today, DH brought home a stray puppy and our kid was really excited he immediately cuddled the little dog. The new baby in the family joins our 2 other dogs Bonchon and Lyka and while we're all excited for "Panda", the name we decided to give 'her', the two dogs were very uneasy inside their respective cages. They become really loud when they're jealous :)

Anyway, my 4 year old son asked me to give Panda milk because he believes he hasn't been fed by her mother yet. Being compassionate to animals and elderly is a trait I admire about my son. Ehem, I’ll take this credit because it really pays teaching your child to do random act of kindness, be it for humans or animals. He sacrificed a few hours left for him playing before going to school as he got busy feeding Panda and making sure he'll be comfortable in his 'new home'.



Panda is indeed one lucky dog. With Robin around, he'll grow up just like our first adopted dog, Bonchon, happy and always loved. 

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