Friday, November 30, 2012

Chistmas & December: The Buy & Sell Season :)

Since I officially became unemployed this, I can't feel the usual excitement of every employee feels every time the month of December is approaching.  This is indeed the season to be jolly as everyone seems to look forward to 13th month pay and bonuses but boo to me because for the first time in 10 years, I can't have any of them hehe.

But not that sad because this state is a choice and there are actually better things to replace the monetary delight (honest to goodness hehe). One is being a full-time mom and coach to my son who went to school for the first time plus having to serve my dearest husband and learning a few dish on my own while my boys are out. 2012 is yet another year of my gratefullness - for the opportunity to better my relationship with the people who truly matters in my life. :)

Enough of the melow drama, let's talk about business now :).  Anyways, a few weeks ago I posted in my facebook account some photos of nice shirts (really nice shirts hehe) for sale and was glad with the sales of this little 'sideline' because it gave me the chance to feel like I will be receiving extra amount too this Christmas, just like having a 'christmas bonus' although not that big :).

The replica shirts I sell from the very first batch, I'm soon to get stocks for the 4th batch, yay!

Can you pull-off a cheap Holloween Costume Party?

On my birthday, after a simple dinner prepared at home, Robin and I went to my parent’s house to attend a little 'costume party'organized by my lil sis. It was same as last year's random Nov 1 party which my nieces and two of their neighbor friends participated. In exchange for the kids' efforts of dressing up are some candies and goodies my lil’ sis gave away. 

Then next is a whole night of scary-fun party and of course lots of picture, picture. :)

Ghie-Anne :)

"Kawawa" ang peg. So cute Donita :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

A new family :)

Today, DH brought home a stray puppy and our kid was really excited he immediately cuddled the little dog. The new baby in the family joins our 2 other dogs Bonchon and Lyka and while we're all excited for "Panda", the name we decided to give 'her', the two dogs were very uneasy inside their respective cages. They become really loud when they're jealous :)

Anyway, my 4 year old son asked me to give Panda milk because he believes he hasn't been fed by her mother yet. Being compassionate to animals and elderly is a trait I admire about my son. Ehem, I’ll take this credit because it really pays teaching your child to do random act of kindness, be it for humans or animals. He sacrificed a few hours left for him playing before going to school as he got busy feeding Panda and making sure he'll be comfortable in his 'new home'.



Panda is indeed one lucky dog. With Robin around, he'll grow up just like our first adopted dog, Bonchon, happy and always loved. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Wellmanson: The ideal place for accessories spree!

At a recent trip to Quiapo, Manila, it’s impossible for me to miss a quick trip to Wellmanson, the air-conditioned shop along Villalobos street, adjacent Quiapo church, where you can find the nicest and affordable accessories, beading supplies and what-have-yous. There are actually 2 stores I visited where some of the items are quite cheaper than Wellmanson but their stocks are not as organized and the staffs are quite unfriendly. The stores are also not air-conditioned so if you’re after a convenient shopping experience, go to Wellmanson.

Some of the cute stuff I bought:

At this age, I'm still a die hard fan of kikay accessories. I must admit that I have a fancy for bangles, beads, dangling, some neons and everything nice that unleashes a woman’s sense of style. I guess there were more than times that I went on buying accessories than wardrobes and shoes. But even if this splurging is way cheaper, I've also proven that it’s also impractical to buy a lot of them because I don't get to use them due to limited wardrobes that I have and some accessories won’t be a good match with my regular clothes.

Thrift shopping has enabled me to explore different outfits and to experiment with the bunch of accessories I have. I just can't afford to go broke buying clothes and shoes, they aren't really my interest that's why ukays are indeed heaven-sent :).

But really, an accessory can improve our everyday look; it's just have to be the right pieces right for what you wear. So if you're like me who have a soft heart for blings and trinkets, be happy. As long as it’s not yet an OA addiction, go, collect and experiment! :)