Thursday, September 06, 2012

2012 Boracay Trip with Friends - Day 1


Word. It could have almost ruined the first day of this trip, no matter how much curses we repeatedly utter in our minds, it will never change the fact that our P400 worth of airfare to fly us to Caticlan is no longer applicable because we were 15 minutes late upon check-in.  We tried to ask for consideration but to no avail. It was really hard to catch a 6AM flight knowing you have to be in the airport as early as 5AM which also means you have to be on the road by 4AM. From that moment when I confirmed that our flight got re-booked, I thought of going home, tsk!

Still,  we opted to get new tickets from Air Philippines despite it would mean of delayed arrival to the island of Boracay. I almost faint when the crew of Cebu Pacific informed us of the tickets' cost in case we want our flight to be re-booked or purchase new tickets for a new flight, hell no but I'd rather go home!

Thank God because Air Philippines's tickets are way cheaper than Cebu Pacific, we have no choice but to buy from them. To cut my sentiments short, we've finally booked a later flight going to Kalibo, I've calculated the time - an hour in the plane prior to landing to Kalibo, Aklan then a 2-hour land travel going to Caticlan port, then 30 minutes for ferry transfer and tricycle ride. My first-time-in-Boracay-friends still have to wait a little longer and I'm glad their excitement overshadowed the unexpected expenses we have to bear for buying our new tix.

To kill time and while we wait for our new flight, we proceeded to the food court area in the 2nd level of NAIA Terminal 3. We had coffee and bread since all of us haven't had our breakfast yet then some chit chat.  To my surprise, none of us seems to be bad vibes about what happened to our flight, no pointing fingers and blames. I told my self, it's still going to be a great trip for us all. :)

Side story:  I booked this trip last February of this year, it was actually a random booking without asking my friends first if they're okay with the schedule. Our friendship of 16 years is like, you go or you go or'll regret, LOL. There is already a mutual understanding that whenever someone plans a trip or event, everyone must comply or you'll be sorry. Originally, six of us should be in this trip however 2 friends backed out so one of my friends tagged her sister.

Time of boarding is 9AM and the whole time in the plane was spent to picture-taking and the continuation of chikahan. Touchdown to Kalibo is 8 minutes advance from the schedule - my second no-delay experience with AirPhil, thumbs up!

It's my second time in Kalibo airport but I didn't had the chance to have a photo-op in the Ati-atihan standee before so we took time to do that before exiting.

Outside the airport, we met Kuya Rene who works for the local tourism of Boracay island. He serves us our tour guide and even recommended to us an affordable but nice place to stay while we're at the island.  He also arranged our activities on our second day, which I will talk about on my next posts. We're very grateful that we've met Kuya because we have maximized our 3 days and 2 nights stay in Boracay and enjoyed this trip so much.

 Boracay we go!

Read on my next post about the fun stories of our Day 1 in Boracay :).


jessica banua said...

weng the best!kuya ronnie not rene,ang tourist guide naten hehe..

Breathe. Babble said...

hahahah...thank you for the correction Jing at sa time mo to comment, mwah!