Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The Filipino Spirit – Baha ka lang…PINOY AKO!

Indeed, no amount of rains and flood can break the smiles and spirit of Filipinos.

Amidst the heavy rain pours and several places now flooded around Metro Manila, Bulacan and Pampanga, the people of this nation managed to stay strong, offer a helping hand and most of all keep the ‘pinoy humor’ at its finest.

I salute every men and women of this country spending time and effort to rescue and be of help to the victims of flood.  Most of them are risking their own lives just to help out, God shall bless them the strongest force they need to continue doing good deeds for others. 

A woman who's about to give birth being rescued

Coast Guard saves a man who has been trapped in the flood and found refuge in the tree.

I am grateful that my family and I are safe and dry, the water didn't get through inside our house despite the non-stop rain.  I keep praying since yesterday, 'sana tumigil na ang ulan' because we don't have a second floor to safety ourselves and our stuff.   

With God's grace, I am here, able to blog, micro-blog and spending time in front of my laptop using my resources to spread information such as emergency contact info, relief drop-off centers and those in need of rescue. God has been very kind securing our abode and us. Through my humble blog and social networking site accounts, I’d like to give back. This is not huge, still, I am using my time online in the most significant way that I know to be of help to others.

And while I was browsing in facebook and twitter, I chanced upon these photos that really gives my heart some "awwww". "The Filipino Spirit" is trending in twitter since this morning.  Somehow, it brings us hope amidst the not-so-good situation of our country today.


There's negative trending topic also but I chose not to read the tweets about it because it will just take away the high morale that the phrase "The Filipino Spirit is waterproof" have given me and the other Pinoys. Besides, I've no time for attention-hungry people, I'd rather sit in front my pc, use my time and resources  to help and enjoy some photos taken while the rains and flood is lambasting the Philippines , nakakawala pa ng stress, sabi nga ng kanta "Tawanan mo ang iyong problema", pero kung mahirap gawin, the photos below might help :)

a bunch of happy guys despite the waist-deep flood

Flood surfers :)

OMG! A coffin-boat!

Mayor Lim not just tweet, he also replies:)

The mermaid got me lol

Bottom line, I'm so proud of this nation and it's people. Tomorrow, the sun will rise and shine upon us all..all SMILE because even the sun reciprocates the happy Filipinos we are  :).

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