Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Printed Fame :)

Yesterday when I want to my friend's spa to have my mani and pedi done, one of the staff commends my very red lipstick. Then she also told me that I looked good in a magazine daw which I thought at first she was just trying to please me because my toe hurts a little bit as she's fixing it.

The other staff who overheard nods and confirmed it so I was frantically asking where the magazine is and asked her kindly to get it for me from the shelve. Unfortunately, they can't find it and thought it was brought to their newest branch.  Since my friend own that same branch, I called her in haste and immediately asked her to look for the magazine hahaha. My friend was clueless about my inquiry and just told me she'll ask her staff to look for it, to my great dissapointment.

OA as it may seem, my waiting seems like forever before I got my hand on the July issue of the Maven magazine, which has a feature about 'Orly lacquers collection'. I felt a little giddy seeing a 1" X 2" photo of me in a glossy mag owned by ABS-CBN publishing along with TV, radio and print personalities. It was indeed a square-inch-worthy of fame that I decided not to return the mag to the spa because I could not find a copy of it anymore.

Luckily I was able to blog the event, at least this post has something to refer to, thus explains the photo too :), read back here --> Orly Cool Romance Spa Party.

Hmmm...I think I want to tear and laminate the page hahaha.

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