Thursday, May 24, 2012

VIDEO: The Amazing duet of Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holiday in American Idol Finale

Oh well, by this time, we already know who have won this season of American Idol. A lot of disappointments aired in all social media sites especially for us Filipinos, we believed that Jessica Sanchez should have won. It was indeed heartbreaking for everyone, a depressing Thursday for millions of Jessica fans all over the world.

I kind of was feeling light though, because I've already half-accepted that it could be Philip Philips. It's pretty obvious, no matter how huge we campaign for Jessica, our numbers were no match compare to US peeps. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that Jessica's career will skyrocket high...higher than Philips perhaps hehe.

Whether Jessica has won or not, everyone knows whose star shines the brightest during the finale night. If you haven't seen the monstrous duet of Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holiday, brace yourself! Reminder too, makes sure your jaw's still intact until the end of their performance :).

Filipinos are extremely proud of you Jessica!

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