Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Trending now: Happy Birthday Robin!

This photo is a certified trending hit in my facebook timeline. Or...shall I say, the picture that trends a thousand times...in my heart :).

Last Sunday, we celebrated my son's 4th birthday, a day before his official birthday. Because the big day falls on a Monday, and DH can't join us, we opted to spend it on the second day of weekend that he's home.

It was just the usual celebration with DH's family and my family plus my high school friends who are his god parents too. The past 2 years of his birthday are held at home with the simplest celebration.  Nevertheless, the little boy is very happy with the greetings and of course the gifts he received that day.

For us his parents, May 21 is the biggest day ever!  It's the most important day of our lives.  The day we remember our gratefulness for a very wonderful gift we received from God.

To you, Anak, may you always be cheerful and playful and grow up to be a fine man. We love you so much and we cannot ask for anything but God's guidance for you always.

Happy Birthday!

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