Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jenni Epperson talks about Motherhood, Living in Style and the ways to Happiness

It turned out to be a worthy Friday trip down north despite the unexpected heavy rain pour. I've appreciated for the first time the long walks I have to bear from the MRT north station to SM North - The Block, as I've waited for the rain to calm down a little bit. My first time also to discover the walk bridge from Trinoma to SM North Sky Garden, it prevented me from getting wet because I didn’t bring an umbrella.

In celebration of Mother's Day, SM North Edsa brought Jenni Epperson in an afternoon delight to speak and share her celebration of life, motherhood, and as someone who can be every woman’s inspiration.

Jenni Epperson is a stylist, columnist, writer, entrepreneur and author rolled into one. She's also the person behind a popular blog site - the  Indeed, Jenni seems to be an epitome of a woman who "has it all".

Jenni talked about how she lives a happy life and how she does it. First, she stresses that every mom, as we're known to be putting our own happiness most of the time on hold for the happiness of the people around us, should change from this way.  It’s normal that mothers think of their family first and foremost however, everyone should be happy within one self to be able to reciprocate the same. Because happiness is important to make the quality of our life become better. Like in love, you can't give love if you don't love your self. It must be a two-way process.

Jenny openly shared how she does live a happy and loved life by giving attention to these facets - Fashion, Beauty, Health and Respect.  She mentioned so many interesting things fashion and beauty but what stays in my head is this phrase - "If you love the way you look, life loves you back".

Improving one's fashion doesn’t really to need to be expensive to the point of breaking a bank. However, to look good is not just a plain presentation of one's self, being contented with your features if you're blessed with a great one. Looking good comes with effort. Invest a little in your clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and voila! You get to appreciate your self and the next thing you know, a lot of doors are opening for you.

To be happy is to love life. To love life is to be healthy. Live strong. Live long.

And the last part of Jenni's talk is about giving respect before you expect receiving it. Respect not only for your self, not only for the immediate people around you but also for the living things like nature, the environment and even the non-tangibles like time.

After the last part of her talk, the audiences were given chance to asked questions. I was shy at first but I was really itching to ask her about tips she can give/share on travelling with style. Whenever I read about her out-of-town trips in her blog, I always see her dressed up so well, so chic and classy. Not that I wants to achieve her peg, but more like learning the styles that will be worth to share in this blog.

A very upfront and quick response by Jenni was "Be stylish on your vacation. When you travel, don't be yourself, be someone else". Okay. My next out-of-town trip will be on September, let's see if I can be someone else, someone like Jenni Epperson maybe? LoL. Why not?

Listening to Jenny was not only learning a lot of great things in life, she's indeed entertaining. I knew it the first time I stumbled upon her blog, I've been coming back from time to time, check her out!

Jenni also had a book signing of her recently-launched book "Fashion + Food" and is available in National Bookstores nationwide.

To get to know more about her, visit her blog at

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