Sunday, March 18, 2012

Last Goodbye


Today marks the end of my five and half years career in my company. I feel sad...not! I'm actually in bliss to learn that I have to end my career as quick as a snap of a finger. No more turnovers and the usual half-a-month endorsements, cool isn’t it? For those who might raise their eyebrows, I am saying in truth. This blog expresses only the most-real and honest way I could express how I feel about this major turn-out in my life.

I am very happy because I waited for this and probably I kind of expected it already. For those who might not know, I asked for it years back but didn't get it then. I just want some rest. It's not like wanting to turn a back away from everything but just a genuine rest. I've been working non-stop since I graduated from high school taking the grinds of 14 years of no-rest, some pleasure on the side but the reality to survive is to keep my job. To send my self to college, and at the same time to support a sibling's schooling too and provide for the family. It's not an easy choice but it's a task given by GOD I believe. I have complaints then but not the hard ones though. You don't say beautiful things when you're getting tired after all. So, this break is again another gift from GOD after giving me endless blessings with my job and dreams coming to realities, I should enjoy it to the fullest!

I have always been very vocal of my gratefulness to my company for hiring me and welcoming me almost 6 years ago when my career is craving for recognition and appreciation. When my person is hungry for something that will nurture my growth, I got it in 2006. It was God's gift to me and I actually prayed for it and spent novenas for it. My job in OSRP is a heaven-sent and I'm forever thankful to everyone who contributes to my professional growth from day one until I bid my last goodbye. And most of all, I am thankful to all who made a difference in my ordinary expectation of what my career life should be, given that I made a major decision of leaving my previous job for five years. My foreign bosses whom at first I thought I will have difficulty in decoding the instructions due to nose-bleeding conversations (pun intended) and the emails that will make my hands sweat before I could click the reply-button to "send".  Fortunately, they were beyond the almighty-high-thoughts I have in mind. I've to give them credits for how I learned to be direct and precise in my decisions in the past both professionally and outside work. It was great working with Americans pala, nag-improve pa ang English ko lol.

The best part of my OSRP stint is the people I had the pleasures of working with. I may not be good in names but I will surely remember each and every one of you and how you had effect on my life. Most of all, the few people (because I don't count as many friends I could and don’t pretend to be friends with everyone) who became such great friends, you know who you are! Friendship never ends with one's goodbye for the heart would always remember the way and the ways back to the old times. And even if we start a new, old friends are irreplaceable! Sounds like a lyrics from the song? Oh well guys you deserve it, like a song that I will love to play over n over to remember my great-old-times at OSRP. The relationship is incomparable, I may not be very expressive but I'm thankful to every one of you for loving me. How you said your goodbyes are enough to feel I am loved and somehow, a person who made a significant existence in OSRP for 64 months and 17 days. To my team from the old to the freshest one, my superiors, the employees of OSRP and the rest of my marketing and advertising family, thank you very much! May GOD be with you all every step of the way.

Signing off with love...

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