Friday, February 10, 2012

Julie Anne San Jose's "It Will Rain" Cover

Oh well, life has its way of treating you bad and I often associates rain to not-so-good times of my life that's why I don't really like it when its wet season. The damp and cold weather may feel great for some people but it’s my weird thoughts and feelings that would automatically switch my mood to down and low For whatever reason, I actually believes then that rain is actually the outburst when heaven's crying. That was weird of me I know and I guess I've never gotten over that.

Anyway, earlier when I came to the office, I decided to check some tweets on my phone before I turn to work. There's always this particular person I had a habit of stalking the timeline for quite a few months already. I don't know but this young lady seems to have cast her spell on me the moment I heard her "Price Tag" and "Super Bass" live versions in You Tube. I was in awe I instantly became a fan. Weeks and months after, I'm now addicted to her and I have to realize that I'm a 30-year old mom and she's a tweener! Oh well anyway, I'm not the only one who got hooked to JULIE ANNE SAN JOSE.'s charm She has the power to cast spell on everyone, she has the total magic - her amazing voice.

The Bruno Mars original was from a live Ustream event held last year. Title was "Julie Anne Christmas Special Live at Ustream #JapsMusicBox" held at Richmonde Hotel in Ortigas on December 23, 2011. An early Christmas gift for her fans, Julie was quite unwell during that time, you'll notice on her pretty but a bit pale face. But when she started singing, GOD! I wonder if there's anyone who could sing as beautifully as Julie Anne when sick! The performance was beyond awesome, she nailed it! 

This and more great words deserve for this young lady. Thank you Julie because of this song, despite of its sad message, I realize that it shouldn't be raining in every place. I might have had some domestic issues earlier and suffered occasional pains, your way of singing this song just made me lighten up. I'm looking forward that after the rain is a rainbow that vows to bring hope and happiness in the coming days. After all, your songs are my daily dose of vitamins to help me go through.

More power Julie and I shall meet you soon...promise :)

Watch the video and fall in love...

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