Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I fell in love with Mamma Mia!

Are you part of the generation who grew up with Abba's songs? Well I'm proud to say I am! I'm born in the 80's and although the hits of Abba has been playing in the airwaves since the 70's I feel so acquainted with their music every time I hear them on the radio during Sundays. I guess it's the best nostalgic feelings you get when you hear classic hits like Abbas, delightfully cheering to my ears.

And who else can't sing along their songs at videoke? I guess I can sing my heart out with "Dancing Queen", I can even own a stage for all I care hehe. My Dad has inspired me a lot singing old songs but we both love Abba's music that's why every time I hear their songs, I kind of remember some good old memories with my father and it really feels great.

Anyway, speaking of Abba, I'd like to share with you an experience as I had the privilege to watch one of the most successful Broadway musical in the world, Mamma Mia! It was courtesy of my friend's winning 2 tickets to watch the show for free and you can't imagine my excitement when I finally persuaded him to bring me as his date for the show's Feb schedule. I was overjoyed as we've finally reached the venue of the musical here in Manila, the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Although he got 2 tickets, we've noticed that the seat numbers are not next to each other but actually from end to end hahaha. Anyway, great are things that come free but sometimes they aren't always hehe, still grateful though.

The two hours and thirty minutes show tells about the story of forty year old single mom Donna and her daughter Sophie who's about to get married. Sophie has decided to invite three men from her mom's past whom she will try to discover the identity of her father who could later walk her to the aile on her wedding day. The thrill will start to boost up as the three suspected fathers will arrive and at the same time a reunion with two of Donna's best friends. The riot, fun and heart-warming tales goes on as the music of Abba fills in and the great voices of the characters sing and dance along.  The audience’s participation is lively which includes yours truly and I’m sure my friend Ely who unfortunately I cannot see since the lights were off.

I was in awe and the smile in my face seems to have been permanent all throughout the show. I love it. I so love it! Mamma Mia is a complete entertainment and at some part of the show, during the epic "dancing queen" dance/song number, I really want to cry. Everyone is so amazing you couldn't help but ask for more! It was worth a missed dinner and waiting for an hour before we are allowed to go to the CR. Thank you to the cast and everyone behind this spectacular, for bringing Mamma Mia to the Philippines, for keeping Abba's music alive and still uplifting even today's generation. More success!

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