Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Face Shop Lip lovies

I want to thank my male friends in the office for they have given me such wonderful gifts. These two Face Shop lip lovies are indeed hit to every women. But I like most the Fresh Lip Balm, it was always present in my purse  since day one. I love its texture, its smell and its taste!   I cant' just get enough of it I would put it on every night too before going to bed.

Anyway the other lip love is a lip gloss tastes quite bland. I also don't like how it made my already full lips fuller. The texture feels really thick on my lips and the shades of pink don't suits me I think. But when the other colleagues in the office tried wearing it on their lips, they look "bagay".

The FaceShop products are available in leading super markets and department stores, BUY NOW!

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