Saturday, February 25, 2012

Baguio 2012: My First Panagbenga Experience (Day 1)

Although this trip has been long planned with my high school friends, I had rushed preparation prior to leaving Manila past midnight of Feb 24, Friday.  The scene in Victory Liner terminal was quite draining as there are lots of passengers waiting plus I'm already hearing complaints about delayed trips/late arrival of buses due to traffic and etc. It became worse when some already hot-headed passengers went up against the guards on duty because the trips' schedule was already beyond the schedules, which in our case, has been 2 hours late of the supposed to be 1:20 am trip. I don't have much energy to complain thus I went online to rant on twitter and facebook about the irritating system ongoing at Victory Liner - Cubao terminal.

It was through our own and the other passengers' initiative that made our almost 4-hours of waiting to end. We managed to fix chaos regarding our trips' schedule to avoid chance passengers boarding before us who already have ticket reservations. Finally, at 3:50 am we boarded. The moment I got hold of my seat, I immediately dozed off due to exhaustion I guess. I missed the first stop-over, I actually didn't care the 2nd too because I was really sleepy. Too bad that because of the delay of our departure, we missed the street dancing and the parade since getting our tickets going back Manila took us another toll - 2 hours of queuing time! Touched down to our place to stay is 1pm. We just checked in and immediately left to grab for lunch, we settled at the ihaw-ihaw area near Burnham park then off we went to Botanical Garden. I didn't bother to create an itinerary since our purpose is to experience the Panagbenga and festivities and not to tour Baguio but since there's nothing much to watch on the afternoon of Saturday, we thought of taking tours on the side to near places.

We spent almost 2 hours in Botanical Garden. For some reason, I was fond of taking pictures inside the compound contrary on my first time here 8 years ago. There were some constructions ongoing but it's still a worthy place to visit in Baguio for great camera captures. Oh! I love the sunflowers and the trees! We went next to Mines View Park but since Good Shepherd is also in the same area, we decided to go there first to buy the ever famous "Ube Jam" and mind you, buying 6 jars of ube jam took us another 2 hours! Patience is a virtue indeed. Our Saturday ends heading back to our place carrying "food pasalubong" and missed our supposed-to-be Mines View destination.

My friend and her mom retired to bed early without having dinner. I cannot take going to sleep yet because I was really starving so I took a quick bath and change since I'm still wearing the same clothes for almost 24-hour already. I asked Cham, my office mate to accompany me to buy food. Cham by the way, booked our place to stay and she was with her boy friend and 6 other people. My other friends? So far, our first day at Baguio has ended and no sight of them as of the moment. We're supposed to go on dinner but perhaps, they opted to sleep early, the cool weather in Baguio is indeed tempting to make you stay in bed. But I resisted since we have only a few hours left to enjoy the city. We have earlier plans to go out on a Saturday night out but changed minds because we need to be up early the next day for the Panagbenga main event, the float parade.

So there, my DAY 1 at the city of far so good :).

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