Saturday, February 25, 2012

Baguio 2012: My First Panagbenga Experience (Day 1)

Although this trip has been long planned with my high school friends, I had rushed preparation prior to leaving Manila past midnight of Feb 24, Friday.  The scene in Victory Liner terminal was quite draining as there are lots of passengers waiting plus I'm already hearing complaints about delayed trips/late arrival of buses due to traffic and etc. It became worse when some already hot-headed passengers went up against the guards on duty because the trips' schedule was already beyond the schedules, which in our case, has been 2 hours late of the supposed to be 1:20 am trip. I don't have much energy to complain thus I went online to rant on twitter and facebook about the irritating system ongoing at Victory Liner - Cubao terminal.

It was through our own and the other passengers' initiative that made our almost 4-hours of waiting to end. We managed to fix chaos regarding our trips' schedule to avoid chance passengers boarding before us who already have ticket reservations. Finally, at 3:50 am we boarded. The moment I got hold of my seat, I immediately dozed off due to exhaustion I guess. I missed the first stop-over, I actually didn't care the 2nd too because I was really sleepy. Too bad that because of the delay of our departure, we missed the street dancing and the parade since getting our tickets going back Manila took us another toll - 2 hours of queuing time! Touched down to our place to stay is 1pm. We just checked in and immediately left to grab for lunch, we settled at the ihaw-ihaw area near Burnham park then off we went to Botanical Garden. I didn't bother to create an itinerary since our purpose is to experience the Panagbenga and festivities and not to tour Baguio but since there's nothing much to watch on the afternoon of Saturday, we thought of taking tours on the side to near places.

We spent almost 2 hours in Botanical Garden. For some reason, I was fond of taking pictures inside the compound contrary on my first time here 8 years ago. There were some constructions ongoing but it's still a worthy place to visit in Baguio for great camera captures. Oh! I love the sunflowers and the trees! We went next to Mines View Park but since Good Shepherd is also in the same area, we decided to go there first to buy the ever famous "Ube Jam" and mind you, buying 6 jars of ube jam took us another 2 hours! Patience is a virtue indeed. Our Saturday ends heading back to our place carrying "food pasalubong" and missed our supposed-to-be Mines View destination.

My friend and her mom retired to bed early without having dinner. I cannot take going to sleep yet because I was really starving so I took a quick bath and change since I'm still wearing the same clothes for almost 24-hour already. I asked Cham, my office mate to accompany me to buy food. Cham by the way, booked our place to stay and she was with her boy friend and 6 other people. My other friends? So far, our first day at Baguio has ended and no sight of them as of the moment. We're supposed to go on dinner but perhaps, they opted to sleep early, the cool weather in Baguio is indeed tempting to make you stay in bed. But I resisted since we have only a few hours left to enjoy the city. We have earlier plans to go out on a Saturday night out but changed minds because we need to be up early the next day for the Panagbenga main event, the float parade.

So there, my DAY 1 at the city of far so good :).

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Orly Cool Romance Spa Party

I’d like to thank a dear friend and my kumare, Donna Andrada, for inviting me and my sis, Nikole, to a spa party last Friday, Feb 17. The event is for the launch of Orly’s latest “Cool Romance” collection and was held in Posh Nails, Timog branch.

Mostly are beauty bloggers and other members of media (radio & print) were there to welcome the new colors of Orly nail polish. Well Nikole and I are really not in the loop of beauty bloggers, we fondly called ourselves just beautiful bloggers hehehe. It’s my first time at Posh and it really feels great as the sweet pink and purple hues welcomed us plus some candy and cupcake treats in a buffet ready to be served while the guests are taken care of the Posh nail techs. It is indeed a fun-packed of pampering day.

Liz is the nail tech assigned to me and somehow, our faces are both familiar to each other, haha. At first, I kind of felt a little pain in my little toes as Liz start working on the edges of my nails. I told her not go deep on my big toe because the last person who touched it caused me pain but she insisted to ‘fix’ them.  Surprisingly, Liz did a great job and the bits of pain are totally worth it because I felt way better, thanks Liz!

I had a hard time choosing my polish. I actually love to have Jealous Much (Mint Crème) in my finger nails and have a different shade for my toes. But when I tried the Faint of Heart (soft gray crème) also one of Orly’s Cool Romance collection, I decided and settle with it for both my hands and feet’ polish. I love the results – pale, easy and light to my eyes while Nikole had the darker gray for her feet Steel your Heart (Charcoal Shimmer) and Artificial Sweetener (Dusty Rose Shimmer) in her hands. The other sweet colors are You’re Blushing (Wisteria Creme) and Prelude To A Kiss (Pastel Pink Crème) – I want to have them painted in my nails too…soon.

Over all, the event went well for me and my friend despite I lack sleep for consecutive days. Besides, I wanted to see Donna again because I miss her. She’s one great person I didn’t have to think twice before I asked her to be my son’s God parent. I’m really happy to see her and her gorgeous outfits again which have never change ever since I got to know her. Her current profession suits her so well but she remains the sweet and real-sweet gal, wish for more time and more events to be with her in the future.

Thanks to Ms. Cath Ilacad too, the owner of Posh Nails for welcoming us, we really had fun and we loved our stay in your Timog branch. To Orly Philippines and Sprint Asia for the invite – more power!

You may view more photos from the launch here


Elegancy yet modern color palette is the inspiration of ORLY’s spring color collection, Cool Romance.  A splash of cool pastels which let you feel fresh romanticism of love. This collection features six soft shades that epitomize femininity – Prelude to a Kiss (Pastel Pink Crème), Faint of Heart (Soft Gray Crème), Jealous Much (Mint Crème), You’re Blushing (Wisteria Crème), Artificial Sweetener (Dusty Rose Shimmer), and Steel your Heart (Charcolal Shimmer).  Celebrate love and femininity with your nails!

This limited collection I s sold at P349.75

ORLY nail lacqueres are FREE of DBP, FORMALDEHYDE & TOLUENE.

You can buy Orly items at:

Purebeauty Store | Marionnaud |First Aid Greenbelt | PCX (Rockwell, Ermita, Alabang Town Center) |Watsons (Greenbelt 5, Ayala Cebu) | Beauty by SM (Makati, Megamall, Fairview) | Landmark-Trinoma |Beauty Cocktails | Robinsons Department Store Ermita

Monday, February 20, 2012

Lil' Shopper

Why but I have an uber cute company today doing my groceries shopping. I've no intention to keep it long because I just need a few items but since my son is joining me, I decided to tour the whole place with him in between our grocery shopping. :)

I wonder where he found the basket as I was looking for one when I saw him already loading it :)

I love the grins, tells  something like "Ooppss, Mama's watching I might over spend" =)

His signature smile :)


Lovely day indeed!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Julie Anne San Jose's "It Will Rain" Cover

Oh well, life has its way of treating you bad and I often associates rain to not-so-good times of my life that's why I don't really like it when its wet season. The damp and cold weather may feel great for some people but it’s my weird thoughts and feelings that would automatically switch my mood to down and low For whatever reason, I actually believes then that rain is actually the outburst when heaven's crying. That was weird of me I know and I guess I've never gotten over that.

Anyway, earlier when I came to the office, I decided to check some tweets on my phone before I turn to work. There's always this particular person I had a habit of stalking the timeline for quite a few months already. I don't know but this young lady seems to have cast her spell on me the moment I heard her "Price Tag" and "Super Bass" live versions in You Tube. I was in awe I instantly became a fan. Weeks and months after, I'm now addicted to her and I have to realize that I'm a 30-year old mom and she's a tweener! Oh well anyway, I'm not the only one who got hooked to JULIE ANNE SAN JOSE.'s charm She has the power to cast spell on everyone, she has the total magic - her amazing voice.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I fell in love with Mamma Mia!

Are you part of the generation who grew up with Abba's songs? Well I'm proud to say I am! I'm born in the 80's and although the hits of Abba has been playing in the airwaves since the 70's I feel so acquainted with their music every time I hear them on the radio during Sundays. I guess it's the best nostalgic feelings you get when you hear classic hits like Abbas, delightfully cheering to my ears.

And who else can't sing along their songs at videoke? I guess I can sing my heart out with "Dancing Queen", I can even own a stage for all I care hehe. My Dad has inspired me a lot singing old songs but we both love Abba's music that's why every time I hear their songs, I kind of remember some good old memories with my father and it really feels great.

Anyway, speaking of Abba, I'd like to share with you an experience as I had the privilege to watch one of the most successful Broadway musical in the world, Mamma Mia! It was courtesy of my friend's winning 2 tickets to watch the show for free and you can't imagine my excitement when I finally persuaded him to bring me as his date for the show's Feb schedule. I was overjoyed as we've finally reached the venue of the musical here in Manila, the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Although he got 2 tickets, we've noticed that the seat numbers are not next to each other but actually from end to end hahaha. Anyway, great are things that come free but sometimes they aren't always hehe, still grateful though.

The two hours and thirty minutes show tells about the story of forty year old single mom Donna and her daughter Sophie who's about to get married. Sophie has decided to invite three men from her mom's past whom she will try to discover the identity of her father who could later walk her to the aile on her wedding day. The thrill will start to boost up as the three suspected fathers will arrive and at the same time a reunion with two of Donna's best friends. The riot, fun and heart-warming tales goes on as the music of Abba fills in and the great voices of the characters sing and dance along.  The audience’s participation is lively which includes yours truly and I’m sure my friend Ely who unfortunately I cannot see since the lights were off.

I was in awe and the smile in my face seems to have been permanent all throughout the show. I love it. I so love it! Mamma Mia is a complete entertainment and at some part of the show, during the epic "dancing queen" dance/song number, I really want to cry. Everyone is so amazing you couldn't help but ask for more! It was worth a missed dinner and waiting for an hour before we are allowed to go to the CR. Thank you to the cast and everyone behind this spectacular, for bringing Mamma Mia to the Philippines, for keeping Abba's music alive and still uplifting even today's generation. More success!

Friday, February 03, 2012

"Unofficially Yours" will be an official block buster hit!

I can already smell box-office success for this movie. I’ll place my bet that this is going to be the highest-grossing film of 2012 and I’m so sure of that!

Well, the trailer of “Unofficially Yours” is really promising and exciting. I cannot question the quality of this movie knowing that it’s a John Lloyd Cruz movie.  Plus add someone oozing with sex appeal that can pull-off the character role in the movie seamlessly, is no other than the hot and sexy, Ms. Angel Locsin.  “Unofficially Yours” is John Lloyd and Angel’s first project on big screen together and it’s also the first time of Angel to work with the very great director, Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina.