Saturday, January 28, 2012

Movie Feedback: The Darkest Hour

It says “movie feedback”, because I'm not a hardcore and not really good in doing the most common "movie review" thing, I'm most of the time a patron who'd let go off of her guards and give in to something that fancies her. Like watching a movie, a film title must already have a convincing power for me to see it.  It's very rare in a year to see 5 films, that sucks I know, and since I don't frequent the cinemas much already compare to when I was still single, this movie must really have something good to offer, that’s what I thought.

So whenever a friend or I invite someone to watch a movie with, I make sure that the film shall be worth our money. In a case of a free movie treat, the fun part is still always the outcome of the film; the "free part" just comes as a bonus since the expense is not from my own pocket. 

I was invited for "The Darkest Hour" advance screening last Monday and I'm grateful to my blogger friend Ely and SM Supermalls for this. I am more than thankful that I didn't have to pay or else I would have felt I was short-changed after watching the movie especially that it was a 3D film.

Seriously, the movie started with a bit of something that excites my imagination so I refused the urge to use the comfort room because I don’t want to miss a part of it. There were actually "quite good" scenes" in the next parts but no "wow" factor at all. The story is quite relatable since I've seen a few sci-fi films already in the past in which I find the plot of "Darkest Hour" have similarity with. But then, I didn’t like how the story went by and most of all I never expected a lousy action scenes in the last part, I just felt that it wasn’t just enough. I think it could have been better if there were more exposed battle scenes with the aliens, more explosives and etc. Sorry but I don’t really buy the idea of the use of special guns/weapons/gadgets invented by the Russian peeps, that can fight off those invisible aliens.  The aliens were like rain showers who invaded the planet and brought down the defense of Moscow in particular and with less than 10 men who emerged as fighting heroes, it wasn’t just really convincing for me to see and think that the battle is a little over. 

On the lighter side, I appreciate the view of Moscow very much that I dream to visit the place in the future. And for a first timer to watch a 3D film, not bad! :)

I am also humble that I might need to watch the “Darkest Hour” again for me to appreciate everything; I could have missed the real essence of the story because my thoughts are quite cluttered at that time but it would also take time for me to convince myself to pay and watch this movie, I’m just saying. :)

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