Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy-Yo!

Today's my Tatay's special day but I wasn't able to be with him and the family because I got work and other agendas today, such a stiff Friday. But I went home after a night's shift and sent my son to my parents’ house and brought our gift for my Tatay. At least the old man and the little boy close to my heart is together on this special day, enough to compensate the absence of a daughter known as the father's look-a-like.

Id' like to use this space to thank and honor a great man who have made me of who I am today.  He's the best like everybody's dad out there but He's my only father and He's the only one I want to have should I be born again. I am thankful and grateful to GOD for giving him to us.

First, he's a father who loves his wife and has his eyes ONLY for his better half. You read it right, my father will rock all award giving bodies for "MOST LOYAL HUSBAND" and "MOST FAITHFUL HUSBAND" awards should there’ll be ones. Seriously, I cannot remember if my parents ever argue about a third party or an "other woman" in my 30 years of existence, such a man exist pala hahaha. Mom should be grateful too because my father is such a gem but I'm sure she won't admit she is :).

Among his children are 3 girls and a boy. My girl siblings never experienced being hit by him. All form of a parent's disciplinary measures - being spanked, locked in a room, etc are all courtesy of our fierce momma. But my Dad? I can't remember if there was any.  My memories of him during our younger years are filled with the times when my sisters and I will gang up on him on weekends when he's off from work and he will respond and tickles us to the max until we surrender. My older brother is the only one who experienced a few and slight blows from my father because his case was beyond a parent's tolerance' level. He did what he thinks is best for my brother but nobody can question his love for his one and only son up to this day. And my brother is a better person today I can already say, because my dad, my parents never gave up on him.

When I gave birth to my first born, it was my father who was with me in the hospital for the entire 3 days of my confinement. It was Dad who would go up and down the building to check on me and buy meds and things I need. It was Dad who helped me lift myself up when I was ordered by the Doctors to make myself able to seat then walk after my caesarian operation. It was Dad who would complain to nurse's station when someone's taking too long to assist me when I need to go to the bathroom. 

It was him also who were there when my Ate gave birth to both her children. Simply because Mom can't stand the hospital scenes, probably the reason why her children were all born and delivered in the house. Amazing Mom but can't stand the sight of her children going through a serious operation and hospital conditions. It was my father who took all the courage to carry the things that are fearful for my Mom. 

But I guess an incident that occurred almost 6 years ago are the best test of his person as a father. I don't really wanna go detailed but the situation then involves my brother and abusive officers, there were gun-poking incidents, a scene in the jail, cases filed and finally a happy scene of a family united with overwhelming love from a great man I call my "Father". I know that sometimes my father feels that he wasn't able to give his best for his children because we struggled with our studies then but I would like to sway the thoughts off because if not for his love and support, I won't be the tough young woman who managed to survive the storm and passed on the positive vibes to my younger sister. It was my parents’ love who helped us go through with all the trials and sad situations in the past. 

I can never be a forgiving person if not for my father. I can never be someone who values humility of oneself if not for my father. And I will never be a respectful person if not of him. I may not be a perfect person for others, I know in my heart and soul that I am at my best today because of him, and that matters.

Thank you "Tatay" for everything, for nurturing us and inspiring us with your humble past, for your hard work doing the oddest things to provide food for our table. Thank you for loving MOM and her alone as the queen of your life and most of all thank you because through your examples, you made me understand why my relationship should be worth all the sacrifice.

I love you so much Daddy-Yo!  Happy Birthday!

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Jek said...

waaahh... naiyak naman ako dito =((
Super agreed on this: "MOST LOYAL HUSBAND" and "MOST FAITHFUL HUSBAND". I wish I will find someone as faithful, loving and caring as my father...