Friday, January 27, 2012

City Hunter Advance Screening: A treat for Lee Min Ho Pinoy Fans

As I was one of the bloggers who came for the advance screening of ABS-CBN’s newest Korean series, there were also fans who were invited to the event. Some of them won online via the network’s facebook page. Most of them represent groups and fans club of the City Hunter lead star, which only proves that the Korean heartthrob Lee Min Ho has a solid followers here in the Philippines.

It was fun. There were food carts for the fans and photo booth. Inside the Dolphy Theater, the kids seem to be having fun and excited even if most of them already watched the series in DVDs and online channels. A group of fans from our back even wore masks like what Johnny Lee (Ho’s character) wear in the series, cool!

After a 2 or 3 hour screening, the fans were overjoyed and very much game for a video-recorded feedback about the show. No doubt, Lee Min Ho has already captured the hearts of so many Filipinos since “Boys Over Flowers” and one of my favorites, “Perfect Match”.

And speaking of that, I think I will also raise my hand as one of those who are already infected by the Lee Min Ho virus, because of “City Hunter”. The teaser and the movie-like plug gave justice as I’ve seen the first week episodes, you will eventually get hooked!  It also brought me sadness because I won’t be able to watch it on primetime because I got work at night.  The next day after the screening, I was opted to buy a DVD because I’m really excited to see the next part of the series especially the love story of Johnny Lee and Kim Na Na. I’m half-way watching it and so far, so great! But seriously, the tagalog-dubbed version of ABS-CBN is way better to watch, you’ll get headache with the DVD’s English sub-title, I swear!

Watch City Hunter every night Mondays thru Fridays, after Pinoy Big Brother Unlinight in ABS-CBN’s primetime bida.

Photos from the Advance Screening event, click here.

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