Friday, December 23, 2011

Before it Explodes...Reset

If you're familiar with Charice's songs, the title of this blog post may look familiar to you. More than how great Charice singing these songs, I found the lyrics even greater - it has depth meaning that I and my current state can so relate.

I guess, the past month/year has become unhealthy when it comes to my relationship with my better half. I had thoughts I'll be leaving the house when 2012 comes in. I was decided and I guess the song "Before it Explodes", can explain better why...

It's not a question of love,
Cause our love has never changed.
But all the little things keep piling up,
And life keeps getting in the way.

Don't make this harder than it is,
We both knew it'd come to this.
Better now than in a year,
With lots of tears,
And we both hate each other.
The fuse has already left,
So how about a final kiss?
And just let it go

Let's Stop the madness,
Before it explodes
Before it's out of our control.
Let's stop the madness,
Before it explodes!
We gotta let it go,
Before it all explodes...

Some things we won't understand,
And we're both so tired of being misunderstood.
So let's just turn and walk away,
And hold on to what was good.

Since I heard this song, I actually felt that it's the perfect break-up song. I found myself listening to this song during the time my agonies were flooding my system and my reasoning. The idea of a separation really hurts so bad but just like what the song says, So let's just turn and walk away, and hold on to what was good..before it all explodes.

But then again, sometimes even when you've finally made a decision that you think is the best, you would still want to hold on to the remaining good no matter how small is left. After all, there's still something left and not completely gone.  Perhaps, a make-over, a rest, a pause or a complete reset is way better rather than turning a back and walk away. I'd rather hope on the chance of love I have for you and you for me. I can always promise you, I won't let long as you would also promise me you will hold my hand tight.

Relationships get screwed a lot of times, not just ours but I'm glad that there's always a "reset" option.

We need to reset, don't wanna regret
Not making it up with you
You and I are fading from the screen
Can we prevent a freeze?
We're losing power, and we're spinning down
Suddenly back up... dedicated now
We crashed, but we can turn it
Around and around and around
After a reset

I guess, the spark is not really maybe just missing once in a while but you see, I got a back-up, we can always restore it anytime. Reset and refresh, but no shutting down.

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