Saturday, November 05, 2011

The Favorite Boss

Four years ago, when a favorite boss joined our company and came over here in the Philippines to meet the Filipino workers working off-shore for the biggest and successful online retailer of Apple and top brands of various electronic products in the US.  His' visit is something we (I in particular :)), would always look forward too every year, thus we tagged him as "the favorite boss".

The photo below was taken during Matt's first visit in the Philippines in 2007 at T.G.I.F for an after-shift lunch-out. He's gwapo right and super tall (nakaupo pa siya nyan).


He came back after 3 years (2010) and he was truly missed :)

Then again this year (2011) :)

And to our favorite boss, Matt, we look forward to your next business trip and for more years of working together. Cheers! :)

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