Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Elianto Indigo Shine

To some people who know I so well would understand why most of the time I'm wearing nail polish in blue shades, blue is simply my favorite color.

Today's nail polish is another shade of blue: Elianto "Indigo Shine". The color is dramatic and bold; the glitters just add a little more twist. It compliments so much a fair skin of your fingers so this one is a winner purchase! Its best to wear on the usual girls night-out but since I rarely go out, still, I feel this color can suits an everyday scene.

The price of a regular Elianto glitter-polish costs P199 per bottle but this one I got on sale at 50% off! Whoottt. I wish I could have bought more that same day because when I went back 3 days after, their sale is over.

So girlies, do you love it or just okay? Share your thoughts too and if ever you just have painted your nails, drop your link and will check it out and leave a comment...promise! :)

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