Wednesday, November 16, 2011

102 Paseo, The Country’s First and Only Loans Concept Store Launch

This is one cool idea, being the first and only Loans Concept Store presented by the executives of BPI to bloggers invited for the launch of 102 Paseo last November 10 in Makati.

102 Paseo is the new place fit to be called as the "new hang-out for practical people".  I really didn't expect what the place actually looks like - glass-paneled doors where you can't fail to notice because of a "handsome car on display" inside. It is actually at the back of BPI bank at their main office but when you get inside, it’s like you’re in a one-stop-shop where you can rest (fully air-conditioned area with Wi-Fi access), have coffee or grab for a fruit shake and wait for someone to discuss you about worthy investments to help you step up and fulfill your dreams.

The idea of 102 Paseo Loans Concept Store is actually the brain child of Mr. Herbert Tuazon, BPI’s VP for product marketing, and when we had the chance to talk to him about the project, I cannot help but admire him because of wisdoms he shared to us over lunch, and mind you he’s not even particular about their brand. It was more like of coaching us to get started in getting our dreams, what are the practical investments, the reliable and dependable resources to achieve the things that we dream to have – be it a car, a house & lot property and even a our own business. We all went home with our mindset rich with positive ideas that BPI is not just a plain bank or financial institution to provide you for a quick financial source – the Bank of the Philippine Island /BPI Family Savings also aims to help and give every Filipino and Filipino families the opportunity to fulfill our every dream.

Read the official press release below and make sure you get the chance to visit BPI’s 102 Paseo soon.

102 Paseo, The Country’s First and Only Loans Concept Store Launch

In celebration of the Bank of the Philippine Islands’ 160th anniversary, BPI Family Savings Bank launches another innovation in banking through the country’s first an donly Loans Concept Store, 102 Paseo.

Built for individuals who desire to explore opportunities in acquiring their dream car, house and business, 102 Paseo addresses client’s conderns and options over coffee in a comfy and relaxed atmosphere.

102 Paseo boasts of its dream coaches, who understand the needs of consumers and offer attainable solutions. Without proper guidance, the path to achieving your dreams could be unsure. Questions lurk as how exactly one will make it happen.  What type of car best suits one’s personality and lifestyle?  What are the available houses and condos inone’s preferred location?  How much should be the capital so one can put up a food cart business in a mall?  Through 102 Paseo’s dream coaches, it will be much easier to determine what steps to make on’s dreams come true.

Once can explore as they please – sip a cup of coffee, read a magazine, or surf the net.  102 Paseo allows one to act at his or her own pace and secure the help of a dream coach anytime he or she is ready to talk.

“Dreams should be attainable.  At 102 Paseo, we make it possible. We understand the needs of ordinary office workers and businessman to be informed of the realistic solutions in moving them closer to their dreams,” said Mr. Noel Altamirano, Vice President and Head of e-Loans Plus Channels of BPI Family Savings Bank.

Don’t let your dreams wait too long. Visit 102 Paseo at 102 Paseo de Roxas corner Nieva Street, Makati near Enterprise Center.

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