Saturday, October 08, 2011

Party at 8:00 AM!

October 8. Saturday. Weekend. One EPIC day at mom's house!

If there's one thing I miss about my parents' house aside from a full breakfast made by mom, it is having the luxury to sleep all I want and staying in bed till noon time. When I was still single, I can afford to party all night on Fridays as long as I have the key to our house if I decide to retire from a tiring and wasted time which usually ends by 3am. It’s not that I miss that kind of life but sometimes you also wish that you could still spend more time with your friends, have a couple of drinks or dance the night away because all that matters is you're having fun.  However, being a mom myself, I know that won't fit me anymore. I enjoy my husband and my son's company without being tired and drunk and I get used to it and loving it for like four years since my first born has came to my life.

Anyway, last Friday, I came from a straight shift of work starting Thursday night (10pm - 7am) and (7am - 4pm) on Friday then went to a real estate seminar till 8pm. You could imagine how wasted a person could be with that routine but to my surprise I was still alive and kicking when I went to my parents' place. I was supposed to fetch my son but since I rarely see my Ate and mom, I stayed a few hours more. It was 11pm already and dear mom didn't allow us to go home and told us to sleep over. My younger sis came home late and we both slept around 12 midnight after sharing a few talks in bed. 

I thought it was practical to spend the night because I'm sure I couldn't afford to wake up in my normal Saturday call time to start the laundry early. I felt it when my sis went off the bed and after an hour when Robin followed. My nieces tried to wake me up like three times for breakfast is ready but I insist to stay in bed. I love the cold weather, cuddling the pillows utter a silent gratefulness for moments of's just me and my pillows in a comfy bed, thank God for this.

However, I didn't realize a spoiler exists and sadly, forced me to get up.  My gosh! It was like "bring the house down" while Jay Sean's 2012 music playing in the max volume of our stereo then minutes after followed by Kesha's "Your love is my drug" then Kattie Perry, Cali Swag, Bruno Mars and more! Wow! If I'm in our own house, I would have been cursing in my mind those inconsiderate deaf-like neighbors of ours who used to do the same thinking its normal to play loud music early in the morning. But no, I'm in my parents’ house and yeah, that is actually a normal thing. I know right?

But instead of getting mad, it actually made me smile and brought me back to days when mom wouldn't care if you haven't had gotten your sleep coming from a late night of partying. The hell she cares! It's the risk you are party all night, you suffer the consequences because weekend shall be lively for everyone else in the house. And lively means playing loud music as early as 8 AM while everyone is busy doing their chores - turning clothes in the washer, scrubbing the floor, and dusting off while dancing. That's how mom is, well she is literally loud but I guess she just want to switch the day to happy and energetic mood and sweating off is not bad, it makes you healthy isn't it?

So there I decided to get up and checkout the party people outside. I was not surprised to see my younger sis and my nieces dancing and so I joined them! I know I'm craving for sleep and I have the opportunity but then I couldn't resist taking part on that one-of-a-kind party, showcase the moves I have long forgotten, take a sip from your cup of coffee instead of hangover-provoking drinks and most of all, laughing out and having fun with my ever dearest family. TGIS! :)

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