Thursday, October 13, 2011

Christopher Lao for BPI's TVC

Yesterday, I received a text message from a PR firm inviting me for BPI's auto-loan online campaign launch. The PR firm is a respectable one so despite my schedule is quite unfit, I confirmed.  Then today I saw this video from YouTube shared in facebook and twitter so I watched.  

The video is a parody of an incident where Mr. Christopher Lao got on the news.  He became famous after his "I was not informed!" remarks after experiencing a mishap when he, while inside his, car got stuck in the flood.  His reactions were severely ridiculed in various social media sites, some addresed him with "ugly" names, some even created hate pages for him. I admit I was one of those who laughed but I didn't hate, it was like more of an amusement.

The video still earned a few "hate" comments but more are commending him. Someone even said he could now afford to buy a new car courtesy of his talent fee from BPI.  You must watch the video, Mr. Lao looked really great and I think he lost weight (I hope not because of what he has gone through though hehe).

Guess I have an idea who I will be meeting tomorrow, at least I am informed! :)
Here, watch the video and share what you think:).

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