Monday, September 12, 2011

A Toddler's First MRT Ride :)

A few months ago, my dearest baby experienced his very first train ride :) I guess we're both excited that time.  As a mom, it makes my heart big every time I see him enjoy the things he do. See for instance the photo below :)

Prior to that, I asked him if he wants to be riding in a train soon when we were watching one of his favorite disney shows - Chuggington.  He said yes and even included Thomas (also from another disney show) in our conversation. He anticipated that event I know that's why even if the weather was quite not good one Saturday weekend, we pursued on our Trinoma trip and rode the MRT just the two of us!

Almost there! He's very excited he even walked ahead of me to the escalator =)

Stationed and waiting for our ride :)

Acting so cool he even posed for a "pogi" shot.

When he heard the loud sound which signals the train coming, he became quite uneasy. He was a bit in fear before boarding in thus the photo below..

Despite bits of uneasiness, he preferred to stand beside the door. I just held his arms very tight as the train started to move. I actually want him to see the view outside thus I let him stay there although a woman offered her seat to us. I appreciate but told her my son wants to see the view outside since its his first time to ride a train. :)

True enough, Robin is in bliss! :)

After two stops, we were able to get a vacant seat and Robin still excited looking at the window, it was raining outside already. Funny is, he was asking me where is Thomas' face. I told him it was at the front train and just told him that it looks the same. Seems he was imagining and just settled and continue watching by the window.

Before the train reached the final station, also our destination I asked Robin if he's happy and just gave me that smile :)

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Joy Mendiola said...

Ang cute...I remember when I brought twins Julia and Rafael at MRT...super tuwa din sila!