Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Surprise! Surprise

My little kid love surprises! Most of the time we (DH and I) are pressured to always have something for him because he would really asks for it.  In my case, I make sure to always pass by any grocery store after work and buy some treats while DH would really make an effort to buy for toys. Sometimes he would also picks for instant bangketa toys if he lacks the time to frequent the mall, because it really matters to not to fail on our little boy’s anticipation. And yeah, these serve as our “pambawi” whenever the poor boy is left with our family and we’re both at work.

Today, I decided to buy him the black dark chocolates from Goya. He loves the one with raisins; I just hope he’ll be okay with almonds too.

“Close your eyes first, open your hands..” which my son graciously comply. I just can’t help but smile so I grabbed the camera and still my boy patiently waits and never opened his eyes until I placed the chocolate in his hands. 

And there’s his smile that makes me wanna buy the whole grocery store and give him surprises every hour. I love you baby!

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