Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A gift for a very dear husband

Dear husband would always make “parinig” on me that he’s motorcycle service for work which has served him well for the past 4years are showing signs of giving up, thus he may require to buy one very soon.  I know and I fully understand his needs for a new ride but I would always reiterate that the budget plan cannot accommodate it just yet until April 2012. You see, some bank and salary loans need to be fully paid before such “needs” can be considered.

So since I’m getting tired of his complains, I told him I’ll have his new bike delivered tomorrow, fresh! Of course he didn’t believe but I did give him something on the day as promised.

I told him “Pwede na ba sayo itong brand new DUCATI to use pang-service sa work?” (“Is this brand new Ducati ride okay with you to use as your work’s service ride?”) “Ingatan mo yan ha, milyones ang ginastos ko dyan.” (“Please take care of that, it costs a million!”)

I then handed him the below photo:

Good thing I was prepared because he could have hit my head if I’m not lucky and fast :).

Just a note: I’m willing to buy even two pieces of this million-worth bike which is known for taking the rider’s speed to the next level, if I can afford it, that must be the condition first right? Because a husband like him deserves such a grand gift like that.

Who wouldn’t turn a head when you meet Ducati bikes along the road, the style and aesthetics of Ducati rides really boast awesome performance on the road, the motorists really get shy and give-way to this bike hailed as the king of the road. I know because I have experienced that during our road trips before when I was bothered because Jun suddenly stopped and so are his friends. They took a moment to appreciate a group of Ducati riders who were also heading to the same point we are going to then. You would see a bit of jealousy in their eyes wishing they could also drive a Ducati someday.

Well aside from women, I also get jealous whenever my crazy husband would check Ducati’s in the internet and when he found some, he would touch the screen and almost kiss the photo, men and their fascination, and often times are way expensive and unbearable.

Dream on for now, who knows, thru this blog, Ducati will donate their out-dated model vehicles; a wife here is very much willing to accommodate just to let you know:).

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