Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A Mom's "Me" Time :)

Weekend --> I'm so craving for you.

Saturday night and I'm done with everything that needs to be done by a Mom like me. Just right in time, I confirmed my appointment at Elite Nails Spa through a dear friend Joie, who owns the spa. I told her I'll be at her nook by 7 pm.
Since Robin wants to go with me, I wasn’t able to leave at the time I planned. I have to wait for Jun to bring Robin somewhere so he couldn't go with me at the Spa, I left home 15 minutes before 8 pm. When I reached Elite Nails Spa, again I wasn’t able to have my pampering session immediately started. Joie and I had some sweet talks first over krispy kreme doughnuts, I told her she should have served me coffee too hahah.

Joie is a dear friend since high school, one of my wacky girlfriends too :). We've been thru a lot of heartaches, were there for each other during our juvenile rebellion days and never back-off whenever someone is having occasional tantrums, we're there for each other to understand. We have embraced the fact that despite our personal differences, we've managed to stay strong and I'm proud my friendship with her and all the other casts are celebrating its 16th year of wonderful friendship this 2011 and counting.

Anyways since I know that they close before 10 pm, I immediately called Camille, one of the nail techs to give me foot spa. I took the menu and chose Lavender Mint Spa among the list. I'm happy when I saw lavender colors for my foot indulgence composed of a recipe for soak, scrub, oils and cream arranged in a wood tray for my very tired feet.

I'm happy with Camille, I know she's one efficient nail tech at Elite Nails Spa that's why I'm happy she's serving me again. I like the way she exfoliates my feet after a warm soak then applied a relaxing massage with the lavender cream. When she proceeds to have my foot filed, she asked the other nail tech to have my manicure done because it's 9pm already. To kill time, Camille handed me one of their magazines to read, I got a view of newly purchased set of magazines too at the couch beside me, wow they really got updated copies of Yes Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Candy and FHM among others.




My manicure is just a basic but I'm happy with the work after. The nail tech  (I'm not sure if its "Chin" her name) asked me first if I want my cuticles removed and would check on me from time to time if I'm hurting as she continues prettifying my nails. I love how she filed my finger nails - perfectly squared :).


Here I chose one from Orly's Cosmix Collection for my polish :). I was about to get the Orly bottle in hot 
 pink but just decided to have one that has glitters heheh.


My mani is done, Camille still working on my callus lol, I bet she'll be working overtime. It's been a while since the last time I cared for my feet this much. I always consider my schedule (plus budget) to have this service a regular thing.  I've been indulging to jars of petroleum jelly at home so I always have a reason to miss a spa visit but since the past days have been raining and my poor feet always get soaked aside from occasional running whenever I missed to bring an umbrella, I badly need to be in this place to reward this part of my body. I'm also bothered because I'm kind of gaining weight again and I know it won't be nice for my feet so here I'm treating the ever supportive and ever patient part of my lower extremities.

Camille did the cleaning of my toe nails perfectly; she didn't even rush herself that's why we're finished at 10pm already. I did feel some ouchy pain in my deep ingrones when she removed some dry skins but I'm surprised because the day after and the next, my toes are not even swelled (unlike the manicurist who visits me at home) my toes would always suffer one way or another.  Thanks Camille for taking care of my feet. :)

Thank you too Elite Nails Spa, Joie & Victor Pacheco, I'll see you again this week for a waxing session :).

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Pinoy Dragon Boat Warriors won their first gold in IDBF 10th World Dragon Boat Championship!

It is indeed great news for all of us Filipinos especially those who believed to what our proud team of paddlers can deliver to this prestigious competition.

Once again, the Philippine Dragon Boat Federation team bagged their third world title by winning the Premier 1000m event (small boat) in Tampa Bay Florida. This is also their first gold medal in this year's competition.

The photo below was uploaded in Facebook earlier, a video was also recorded in the page, congratulations to everyone in the team. 

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A gift for a very dear husband

Dear husband would always make “parinig” on me that he’s motorcycle service for work which has served him well for the past 4years are showing signs of giving up, thus he may require to buy one very soon.  I know and I fully understand his needs for a new ride but I would always reiterate that the budget plan cannot accommodate it just yet until April 2012. You see, some bank and salary loans need to be fully paid before such “needs” can be considered.

So since I’m getting tired of his complains, I told him I’ll have his new bike delivered tomorrow, fresh! Of course he didn’t believe but I did give him something on the day as promised.

I told him “Pwede na ba sayo itong brand new DUCATI to use pang-service sa work?” (“Is this brand new Ducati ride okay with you to use as your work’s service ride?”) “Ingatan mo yan ha, milyones ang ginastos ko dyan.” (“Please take care of that, it costs a million!”)

I then handed him the below photo:

Good thing I was prepared because he could have hit my head if I’m not lucky and fast :).

Just a note: I’m willing to buy even two pieces of this million-worth bike which is known for taking the rider’s speed to the next level, if I can afford it, that must be the condition first right? Because a husband like him deserves such a grand gift like that.

Who wouldn’t turn a head when you meet Ducati bikes along the road, the style and aesthetics of Ducati rides really boast awesome performance on the road, the motorists really get shy and give-way to this bike hailed as the king of the road. I know because I have experienced that during our road trips before when I was bothered because Jun suddenly stopped and so are his friends. They took a moment to appreciate a group of Ducati riders who were also heading to the same point we are going to then. You would see a bit of jealousy in their eyes wishing they could also drive a Ducati someday.

Well aside from women, I also get jealous whenever my crazy husband would check Ducati’s in the internet and when he found some, he would touch the screen and almost kiss the photo, men and their fascination, and often times are way expensive and unbearable.

Dream on for now, who knows, thru this blog, Ducati will donate their out-dated model vehicles; a wife here is very much willing to accommodate just to let you know:).

Surprise! Surprise

My little kid love surprises! Most of the time we (DH and I) are pressured to always have something for him because he would really asks for it.  In my case, I make sure to always pass by any grocery store after work and buy some treats while DH would really make an effort to buy for toys. Sometimes he would also picks for instant bangketa toys if he lacks the time to frequent the mall, because it really matters to not to fail on our little boy’s anticipation. And yeah, these serve as our “pambawi” whenever the poor boy is left with our family and we’re both at work.

Today, I decided to buy him the black dark chocolates from Goya. He loves the one with raisins; I just hope he’ll be okay with almonds too.

“Close your eyes first, open your hands..” which my son graciously comply. I just can’t help but smile so I grabbed the camera and still my boy patiently waits and never opened his eyes until I placed the chocolate in his hands. 

And there’s his smile that makes me wanna buy the whole grocery store and give him surprises every hour. I love you baby!