Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Two years ago, we've almost gave up on you..we felt you're a burden, that adds so much more stress whenever the bank press us to pay your monthly amortization

We thought we can no longer keep you...need to be out of our family, out of our life.

But I guess GOD gave US You...

....to celebrate our random wanders..
..to bring us to place we've never been before..
..to bring me to wonderland when I have enough courage to drive you on my own

Thank you our Black Ben, you're also one of the great things that has come to our life..

In 8 months or less, we'll stop worrying...the bank will go on silent mode..the insurance will be more like a necessity rather than something to be worried and mad about every year..

And on May 2012, 4 years of waiting will be over. You will finally be "Ours" officially, the days of anticipation have never been this exciting:). DH and I are so proud because God gave us our beloved Son plus you came to our life to let the boy experience worthy places we go to and we thank you for being a reliable ride all the time.

More wanders to go Black Ben.

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