Monday, July 18, 2011

Transformers 3 Hot Items :)

It was overly late when I saw this movie with a dear friend, probably in its 3rd week of showing. I've heard from some people who have seen that the third installment of Transformers movies is just a "so-so" which made me not so excited to watch it in big screen. But when a friend asked for a buddy, I just went.

I'm not really good in writing movie reviews or I guess the movie was preempted by what I've already heard about it thus I can't find the words to say here, hehe.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed it, the "machines battle" didn't gave me reason to be bored plus the new love interest of Sam is really hot especially with those pouty lips, and don't mention the killer'll understand how a woman like me feels...why in the world when God showered His blessings for sexy body, this lady seems to have been awake all the time, the virtue of courage and persistence really counts.

By the way, my friend told me the lady is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, an English model from Victoria’s Secret, this explains why; I should stop making an issue out of her being so darn sexy :).
Another actor who caught my interest and ehem awaken my friend’s dormant body, in tagalog translates to “binuhay-mo-ang-natutulog-na-katawang-lupa-ko” (my translation version), is the ever hot Josh Duhamel. Well, he’s my crush more than lead actor Shia LaBeouf ever since. I find him very manly and worthy for the soldier character, that’s why my friend and I are going gaga every time his face appears upclose in screen, very lucky Fergie, yes he is married to Fergie of Black Eyed Peas, cool.

I’m sorry if this post won’t give anything about the tech aspects on the movie’s review, I’ve seen tons of them over the internet, that’s more worth-reading than what I will have to say haha. But my point of posting this is just to let my friend (who treated me for this movie) know that I did enjoy the time I spent with him and another becky friend via Transformers: Dark of the Moon, I super had a great night.

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