Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hot New Apple Toys!

I was browsing today Apple’s page and saw some latest news about the new products that Apple has just launched. Cool as always, these new products will surely hit tons of shopping carts as people will go crazy to have these products first hand. 

The newest Apple products I’m talking about are the new MacBoook Air with Core i5 which is said to be twice as fast as the Core 2 Duo systems they replace, then the new Mac mini which boasts with Up to 2x faster processors and graphics with High-speed Thunderbolt I/O and the kick-off of OS X Lion and Apple’s web site claims as the world’s most advanced desktop operating system. 

I am actually more excited about the OS X Lion and it’s over 250+ new features which will change the way man uses his computer.  But yeah, before I can actually try the cool features I must first have a mac, which I don’t have yet hahah.

Take a look at the photos from Apple web site and sharing the products feature as well here in my blog: 

The new MacBook Air Features:

  • Faster and advanced MacBook Air
  •  The Ultimate Everyday Notebook  - Powerful enough to carry you through the day.  With so little to actually carry.
  • A sturdy aluminum unibody design makes MacBook Air sleek, durable, and ready for anything
  •  Now featuring OS X Lion
  • Connect Mac mini to your HDTV with a single HDMI cable

The new Mac mini Features:

  • Up to 2x faster processors and graphics. High-speed Thunderbolt I/O
  • Just 7.7 inches square and 1.4 inches thin
  • A removabale panel lets you add memory with a twist
  • Now featuring OS X Lion
  • Connect Mac mini to your HDTV with a single HDMI cable

OS X Lion Cool New Features:

  • Multi-Touch Gestures
  • Full Screen Apps
  •  Mission Control
  • Mac App Store
  • Launchpad
  • Resume
  • Auto Save
  • Versions
  •  Air Drop
  •  Mail
  • Lion Server

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