Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts

I was talking to a friend last time and I realized I was giving her advices already, I hope my words would really help her in her current situation :)

"In a marriage going through some problems, one must not let the other person separates himself/herself from the responsibilities he/she is obliged to do.  Both must still be bound by their duties and responsibilities despite after a physical separation". 

"It's really hard to be friends and act normal like how you used to be, that's the sad faith of a failing marriage.  But you can still make it less miserable if you align your priorities for the sake of your kids.  Being friends with one another is a long road but even enemies can show respect and so are ex-couples.  You really have to throw outside the window all the selfishness for it's not only you who will suffer but the kids as well and that would turn the table more ugly whether you like it or not".

"You may be an imperfect partner to one another; you both can still become a perfect parent in the eyes of your child/children by fulfilling your obligations.  If somehow your love for one another has become complicated, remember that your kids will love you amidst the complications, so don’t make it hard for them. They are the fruit of the love you shared, let them grow it, nourish and follow it."

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