Thursday, May 12, 2011

Everybody should BE HAPPY!

Okay, the week started a little bit ugly and I kind of regretted that I allow it to happen.  I felt marvelous that somehow I managed to get myself into its fighting composure and proved to someone that he couldn't just make everyone believes that he's the myriad of wisdom and the great all-knowing guy in the so-called blogging etiquette, good manners and right conduct while throwing the sort of negative stuff on me, and him to emerge as the great, great guy in the eyes of some people.

I'm a person who's not afraid to be corrected whenever I did something wrong. Like I always said, I would appreciate if people would be straight forward to let me know what I have done wrong. Because if I won't be open minded, therefore I am not open for growth and learning thus, not allowing myself to be the best that I can be.

My take on this issue is always being true to yourself.  If you are mad at someone because he/she did something wrong or annoyed you in any way, go ahead and tell her/his face. Because any issue that aroused between the two of you can be resolved by the two of you alone. Some people may help but if you seek other people's help in a way that you want them agree with you or go to your side, that’s forming an ally to be against a person whom they don’t really have an issue at all.  If you really believe that you are right and stand by it, you don't need anyone to agree with you and so is asking for others opinion because some people tend to become part of the issue and say things that are really irrelevant and sometimes, words spoken out of knowledge about the real issue tends to be hurtful.  And you can't blame them because they are not aware of the whole scenario, they talk based on what they heard and learned first and it happens most of the time.

These and egotism complicates a supposed-to-be a very small issue.  It was blown out of proportion because so many things have been said back and forth. 

Anyway, the issue is over now (I hope) and the best to sway off all the negative vibes is playing a happy song. So here's one from Alexia + some happy photos.  Life is so not worth of all the negativism in the world, let's all have fun, take and give a smile and laugh out loud all we want!

Have a bright Thursday everyone.


Unknown said...

thank you po. :)

I'm happy!!! :D

Breathe. Babble said...

Hi knick knacks..thank you for dropping by :) dapat lang naman happy talaga lahat sayang naman ang beauty hehe..Good luck and stay HAPPY!!! :)