Monday, May 23, 2011

The Customer is Always First (Twice a worst experience at McDonalds)

A couple of weeks ago, my son and I went to McDonalds near our house late in the evening because my son wants to eat chicken (Crispy Chicken Fillet + rice). The fast-food branch has 24-hours operation and I am meeting two of my friends also during that late night.

I went to the counter and said my order.

Me: Isa ngang McDonalds Chicken Fillet with Rice
Guy Crew: Not Available pa po mam.
Me: Ah okay, mga ilan minutes?
Guy Crew: Not sure pa po mam (then looked at the pantry and check)
Me: I'm willing to wait. (I know the cooking time will be 15-minutes)
Guy Crew: (Leaned on the other guy, the PC person I guess) PC, may chicken fillet ba? Matatagalan pa yun noh? (then talked to me) Mam, wala pa po eh!

That's when I freaked out. I wonder why the guy keeps on avoiding my order when I already informed him that I'm willing to wait because it's the only food my son wants to eat at that time. What the heck is wrong with him? 

I was irritated with the way he gets my order as well.  Not smiling, lack of politeness and most of all had the guts to ask the Product Controller about the availability of the product and yet, presumed that it still won't be available any minute. I didn't hear the PC's answer because he was not facing the counter eh.

Despite of that, I managed to keep my cool.  I insisted that I am willing to wait since my kid is still playing; he gave in after he sensed that I am really mad. I didn't call the manager or anyone, I just waited for my order.  To my surprise, it was out in less than 10 minutes. Is this guy fooling me? My friends arrived later so I just ignored him.

Weeks after, just last night, my son is not eating a regular meal since the morning and when I asked him during late dinner what he wants to eat, he just said "Mc Do" which means the chicken again.

Okay so we went to the same place again, fall in line to the shortest queue. My son was not in the mood to play, probably due to being a bit sick for the past few days. But I really am glad that he wants to eat because I am having a hard time to feed him lately, bottled-milk is all he wants.

Me: Hi, isang Chicken Fillet with Rice, un meal
Girl crew: (Not smiling and looks tired) Not available pa po
Me: Ay ganun, mga ilan minutes?
Girl crew: Wala pa po eh
Me: I'm willing to wait (irritated already)
Girl: (looked in the pantry) Kayo po, hindi pa po kse available
Me: (I didn't wait any longer to control my temper) Sinabi ko na nga na mag-aantay ako anu ba ang problema dun? Don't you get that that is what I want?!
The manager on duty came on rescue and informed me that it’s okay and they will take my order, whispering words to the cashier/crew.
Girl crew: For take-out po ba? 
When I was a crew before, I understand that it's impolite to ask the customer that way. All walk-in customers should be assumed as dining customers thus asking if their order is “for dining” is a more polite and welcoming approach because it’s like offering your house for them to dine-in)
Me:  For dine-in
Girl Crew: (punched my order to her pos, still not smiling) P50.00 po (my total bill).
She seemed in a hurry to get rid of me out of her sight that she didn’t bother to ask if I have additional orders which is a no-no in most fast food’s selling procedures. I also didn't hear her apologize for showing lack of courtesy despite the manager apologized to me and took care of preparing my order.
Me: Wait. Wouldn't you ask if I want to order more? (My irritation has increased that I decided not to add anymore orders even if I already have in mind that I want some fries and a sundae, nawalan na ako ng gana).

What happened to Mc Donalds’ employees nowadays? 

I mean, I was, a lot of times a service crew in college but didn't have the chance to work for McDonalds.  I worked for different fast food chains and despite I'm proud of the trainings I got from my former employers, I always look up high to McDonalds when it comes to their customer service. My superior from the competitor brand would also commend how the employees of Mc Donald are doing and giving great service to their customers and somehow, he wants to copy the same.

But what now?  Well, I won't stop going to that branch and dine in there because it's just a few minutes’ walk from our place and my kid really loves to go there, but if I have to be irate at times to show them they are not doing good, I won't hesitate.  I don't wish those two crews to lose their job, I'm sure they have great purpose why they are there. But I want them realize the essence of their purpose and why they were lucky to become part of their company. 

No I don't really believe in the saying "The Customer is always right" but I do believe that "The Customer is always first", I just hope they will get the meaning of it. 

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